Effect of water content

Hi, I’m new to this Matrix porridge – using it as a replacement for all meals to see what happens…

To prepare it I fill the shaker with 500ml water (about 300-400ml boiling topped up with 100-200ml cold) and add anywhere between 120g and 150g Huel (4 times/day). Then to get any leftover clumps I add more tap water and shake it around to drink, but I’m wondering whether all this water affects proper digestion. With normal food I avoid drinking anything when eating, with the understanding that it dilutes gastric acid, but does water affect the digestion/nutrient-absorption with Huel?

It’s possible I got the wrong idea about water and food in the first place, probably from some ayurvedic email spam

Hi Ed

Water helps digestion and there’s no little effect on gastric juices with Huel or solid food. Stomach enzymes primarily work close to the wall of the stomach and are released when the food comes into contact with it (plus other sensory mechanisms).

We encourage you to drink plenty of water through the day - 10-12 sups is great.


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Don’t know how you can use hot water, I can only drink my huel cold!

I thought I might be mistaken on that. Thanks James - I’ll look a little more into it.

I really prefer it warm @sanovine, especially in this weather - kind of turns it into more of a comfort food