Effects of Huel on the brain

Just wondering about the effects of Huel on the brain?
I guess that health body and healthy mind are interlinked so I’m guessing its good for the brain.

I believe that certain foods lile fish/fish oils are good for the brain and I’m wondering if brain health in relation to Huel has been looked at?

If nothing scientific, hearing personal opinions based on experience would help.



This is anecdotal, but for me anyway, switching to huel has meant…

  • Better quality sleep/easier to get to sleep
  • More focus and way better concentration
  • Much improved self image/self respect
  • Being able to complete an OCR and feel awesome at the end
  • Feeling happier overall

I didn’t choose Huel for a major life change, I’ve gained a little muscle but the rest is mental, couldn’t be happier to be honest.


Whenever I’ve tried a ‘healthier’ diet in the past I think it’s been too low/erratic in carbs for me. Huel helps a steady carb allowance which has definitely helped my mood!
There’s also less stress and worry in terms of food preparation which makes me feel like I have tons of free time, that’s always good :slight_smile: