Email about emails after opting out

After specifically opting out from receiving marketing emails, I recently received this email:

Our records show that you are not currently opted-in to receive news & offers from Huel.

We’d really like to be able to let you know about our innovative new products and occasional offers & discounts.

Just click on the button below and enter your email & name to opt in.

If I opt out from marketing emails, I really don’t want those to be replaced with emails trying to get me back to receiving marketing emails, which I feel should be pretty obvious. It’s annoying and clearly not what I was asking for when I opted out.

Furthermore, the ‘unsubscribe’ link on this email directs me to a broken MailChimp page - meaning I can’t even opt-out of these, which is clearly unacceptable (not that I feel the email was in the spirit of the earlier opt-out - however much it was technically different to a marketing email). Really, the marketing opt-out should imply I don’t want emails about getting marketing emails as well, but at the very least you need to give a working method to opt out of these emails as well.

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Apologies if you do not wish to receive emails from Huel. This was intended as a ‘service email’ to give people the opportunity to opt-in for news & offers if they wish, as we are tidying up our database. Our newsletter option hasn’t always been clear - hidden down in the footer - so it seemed like some that have bought before may have missed it.

You don’t need to unsubscribe as you have not subscribed. I expect the reason you can’t unsub is because you are not subscribed. This option is also just automatically added on the bottom of Mailchimp emails.

Please rest assured that you will not be emailed again and if this has annoyed you we are truly sorry.

EDIT: If this has annoyed you, or anyone else reading this, then we are truly sorry.

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I noticed this too. it didn’t annoy me per se, but it was definitely a bit odd.

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