End of my tether trying to find the right food

I’ve been using Huel all year and loving it. I plan to keep it up for breakfast and lunch now. But for the rest of the food - dinner and snacking. I just can’t work out what will work for me.

I always feel sick and bloated and have wind / bowel issues after eating. The doctor prescribed me Mebeverine and Omeprazole in June. And that made me ‘normal’. I could eat pretty much anything and feel good after. I noticed the biggest change when Mebeverine stopped and the Omeprazole continued. The Mebeverine was doing something that worked. It makes me think it’s an irritation in my bowels.

I know the GP will and can prescribe me more Mebeverine. But it doesn’t seem a good long term solution does it? I’m 27, pretty thin and often hungry but it’s the after effects.

Have any of you been through this? What worked for you?

Gluten free? Low FODMAP? Giving up caffeine?

I’m also not that great at thinking of meal ideas so Huel’s a godsend for breakfast lunch and there’s enough options to mix it up each time I order to stop it getting boring.

Is there any bland, safe, foolproof, whole foods / least intolerant ingredient, meal ideas?

I’m open to any and every suggestion. My father also passed away a few years ago from stomach cancer and this makes me a tad more concerned that I might he a predisposition to that and/or stomach / bowel problems. Though my GP over the years has done tests and I’ve always come back fine. I know some of it is anxiety and maybe associating eating with feeling so poor. But as I said, recently on those tablets I was as normal, as resilient and people remarked totally different person in terms of eating normal, socially, doing plans and not avoiding things.

Any suggestions? Really hope someone has experience it and found a way out of it.

Sadly I’ll probably have to give up my love to spicy food. But so be it.

Have you ever tried giving up dairy for a while?

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I solved my problems through an elimination diet. You leave out (in my case all things that moght spark intolerance or allergy) for 3 weeks, then add them back in one ingredient at a time for 3 days. If no reaction, it stays. Turned out to be lactose, in milk, for me. And some minor ones. You cn google this diet for more info.

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I haven’t ever tried giving up dairy before. I can give that a try though. With you both, what kind of bother was it giving you before you tried eliminating it?

Sorry to hear that you haven’t been able to get to the bottom of this. Unfortunately, it’s really tricky for us to give medical advice/ suggest what diet you could try. If you don’t mind me asking, did your GP refer you to a gut specialist like a gastroenterologist, or someone who specialises in GI as this may help? An elimination diet, as suggested above could be a good option with a dietitian or medical professional’s guidance. Of course, so happy to hear that Huel is working for you and always here to help on any questions about Huel :slightly_smiling_face:

I turned to Huel to help with my IBS/IBD symptoms. After years of pain, discomfort, unmanageable bowel issues and tests I received the medical shrug of “well its nothing else we can find so you’ve got IBS”.

I have found following low FODMAP transformative and eradicates my symptoms, which is why I started on Huel.

I find that Huel Gluten free and Huel Black are both completely fine for me. Beyond that I follow low FODMAP guidance on other snacks and food, I have lactose free milk in tea, coffee and occasional cereal (a bowl of GF corn flakes is a nice treat).

Huel standard still gave me some symptoms.

regarding anxiety the wider possibility of factors I have found that the cyclical relationship between gut health and mental well-being is deeply interwoven and they absolutely effect each other. If I eat something I shouldn’t have (e.g. something with onion or garlic powder - pretty much everything savory in a packet) I feel it in my mood before I feel it in my gut. The mental toll of not knowing what eating will do to you, what pain, discomfort, or other ‘results’ may occur over which I seemed to have no control or influence being constantly running in the background of my mind became close to debilitating. That also exacerbated the bowel symptoms.

I eat Huel 3 meals a day other than special occasions or getting caught out and have done this for years. The peace of mind of knowing that my main food source won’t negatively impact me is invaluable. I don’t miss out on social occasions generally by detaching the act of eating from being present with people or choosing what to eat or select in line with low FODMAP/gluten free/lactose free.

I hope you find improvement in your situation. I know it can feel insurmountable, trying a change will result in a change which is at worst going to just be different to the status-quo but gives a chance at some kind of improvement.

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Thanks for your reply. I know nothing on here (especially from Huel) can be taken as medical advice, only just food for thought. They never seem to do that, they always seem to prescribe medicine and it does ease symptoms. They seem to think because of my age (27) that this rules me out from any major scary problems. I think the next stage would be the camera down the throat which sounds dreadful!!!

Huel definitely helps. The only only thing, and it’s a bit nit picky, is that sometimes it’s very thick. But I find drinking it slower is key to getting over that. I’m sure plenty of people like that aspect of it.

I was reading into the low FODMAP diet. And the ‘bland’ diet. And I think that’s the kind of thing I’m going to try now. I contemplated Gluten Free Huel, but it was all out of stock when I ordered. Right now I’m limiting myself to Huel for breakfast, Huel for lunch - and all the handiness benefits that brings. Just ordered three bags: coffee caramel, berry and cinnamon swirl.

I’m switching out dairy too. Oat milk in latte’s now, decaf only. Decaf tea as well. Going to stick to water as much as possible for drinks beyond that.

Rich, salty sauces (usually spicy like Nando’s extra hot and Frank’s red hot sauce) also have to go. They’re probably not doing my stomach or bowels any favours. To be clear, it’s never like massive noticeable pain. It’s also not running to the toilet like some people with these issues have. It’s feeling bloated, sick, and irritable / everything I think of feels overwhelming until it passes. Which is fine in a work from home, low pressure world. But it holds me back in terms of wanting to socialise, go out, push myself more at work and in personal plans.

There is definitely what you say - the relationship between what I’m thinking and doing and how I feel. Sometimes if I eat when out and have plans after, it’ll be at its worst. Then when I cancel and am on my way home sometimes mostly or fully eases. Definitely a mental aspect. But very hard to know what to do to re-wire that as such.

I do think something has been interfering. It seems to me like it’s the bowels stage. And the worse episodes of feeling god-awful are whilst offending foods are passing there. There’s also a lot of wind / burping until I feel better too.

  • Sticking to bland foods
  • Eliminating dairy
  • Huel for breakfast / lunch
  • Chicken/Fish, Potato/Rice, Carrots/Asparagus pressure cooked

That’ll be what I try now. The most inoffensive foods. Maybe after a few weeks of this I’ll feel better.