Errrm, Huel Poop


Know what you mean. When I first started (full time Huel for the first 3 days) I found that after a couple of days things were very very smelly. It felt (and smelt) like it might be a side effect of my gut getting used to not needing as much acid etc to digest what has to be a simpler food. A couple of weeks later and the horror has stopped but now I fret about no longer going. This morning was the first time in nearly 4 days and proved to be a very short (and unsatisfying) affair. I’ve started having the odd apple and adding fibre style fruit to the blend in the hope I can get back to the halcyon “once a day” days but I don’t hold out much hope :slight_smile:


Unfortunately, I must admit to having a problem with Huel, as well.

I’ve spent the last couple of weeks off Huel and ruling out everything else in my diet, but have determined that Huel is the culprit. Since going back to my “normal” diet, and ruling out any other recent changes, everything has been fine.

I haven’t been trying Huel long, but anything more than one serving a day seems to play havoc on my digestion: terrible wind, really upset/unhappy stomach and general discomfort.

I’m going to try reintroducing it, SLOWLY, starting on Monday, with just one meal/three scoops per day, and leaving it at that for a couple of weeks to see how things go.

Is there anything else I can do that might make it easier on my system/help me adjust?

It’s really convenient, and a healthier alternative to other “quick and easy” meals, but ultimately if my body can’t adapt to the change I’m going to have to call it quits and try something else…I’d rather put more work into prep and calculations than experience that kind of gastric distress on a regular basis!

Wish me luck!


Personally, I found going fuel Huel faster helped settle things. My gut struggled with the switch between solid and sloppy food over and over again. After a couple of days on nothing but Huel it settled down. I then re-introduced real food - so sort of the same process in reverse.


I did my first day yesterday 2X (100g in 500ml) water and an evening meal of bolognase sauce without pasta. I felt great, full too. Then just as I got into bed, I felt a rumble, I thought that I’d better have a ‘safety sit’. With the slightest of pushes, brown radiator water fell from my arse.
I felt a lot better after it and had a fantastic nights sleep.
I feel great today. Don’t know if it was the Huel.


Ha ha ha this is the funniest thing I read today :joy:


I can’t claim it though. I’m a Micky Flannigan fan.
Day three and all is fine now minus 0.5kg too, so I’m happy. I’ve been pigging out of a night time!
I’m finding that to increase my fluid intake, I’m refilling the bottle for a drink after, so there’s a litre of water that I din’t drink before.


I have same problem, maybe because I need less fiber than other people and huel have high levels of fiber (comparatively with the poor fiber western diet).

Before huel, my digestion was perfect, but after the first day with huel (2 months ago), if I take more than 1 huel meal per day (3-4 scoops), I have a plastic or rainy poop :frowning:

Maybe, a solution it’s filter the flax seeds, but I don’t know if it’s the main source of fiber on huel.


Actually howled at this, brilliant post and a great heads up!


I’ve been about 90% Huel for a couple of months now and I have the opposite issue. For a start I used to go every day, now I’m lucky if I go twice a week. When I go, there just isn’t really anything there and it’s as hard as hell. Like barbecue briquettes only more fragrant. Which is the other thing, the smell is an unearthly, slightly chemical rotting smell. Not very “loud” but strange and not-of-human in quality. I’m guessing due to the length of passage, lack of meat and large scale roughage it’s partly composted anaerobically. The only time this changes is if I have a day off or a mixed day, at which point my body seems unable to cope with the difference and goes into full on pebble dash, Bugsy Malone splurge gun mode



After reading everyone else’s (hilarious) fecal woes I thought I’d share my experience, I acquired a full bag of unflavoured from a friend last week who couldn’t stand it (has been using vanilla). So far am on my 3rd huel only day and had 2x meals a day for about 3 days prior, worst was the second day, had replaced breakfast and lunch the day before, out erupted a chicken tikka masala consistency movement that smelt overwhelmingly of sulphur, which was quite alarming. Since then has been relatively normal, a little softer and smells kind of eerily like unflavoured huel…


My parps and poops have never been particularly ‘stable’ or ‘normal’. Being vegetarian has not helped this matter. Since introducing Huel my parps and poops have abounded frequently and fiendishly. Huel parps are beyond the scope of anything I have ever experienced. There is no hiding a Huel parp…they are rank (so my husband tells me). My poops…well what can I say…they range from the occassional and blissful normal to pebble dashing the bowl to gravy. The need can be instant. One ocassion I tried to let a tiny one out in the bread aisle at tesco…but it wasn’t a fart…that was a looong shuffle to the toilets I can tell you.

That said, things are settling down and I am still using Huel. I think my experience is a little exaggerated as I did have problems prior to starting with Huel. So glad they do a GF version!


In the colonies we call that a “shart”. Starts as a fart, ends as a sh*t.



I have lately increased my Huel consumption from 1 a day to 2-3 a day. My hemorrhoids have returned. I am being very careful about the amount of water I drink, I am consuming 1.5 - 2 liters of water a day, plus 3-4 coffees. My urine is clear, and in fact i am experiencing mild anal leakage (a few drops of brown water)… Still, my poo is medium soft, and as reported before, long, thin, and I have to wait around on the toilet for awhile for each little bit to come out. The result is hemorrhoids again, and I am firmly blaming huel this time.

What can I do to improve the situation? Because right now I am seriously considering quitting Huel altogether.


Wouldn’t that make them fats, not sharts?



I like this. Huel gives me the Frits.


Another Huel shart…this time in Debenhams…I’ll have to pop to Boots for some Pampers if this continues!!!


I’m just coming to the end of my second week of 100% Huel after about a week and half building up with Huel once, then twice a day. A lot of the reason I started having Huel is because I’ve suffered with IBS for a good 15 years or more. The constant bloating and pain I used to get has improved a little since being on Huel (presumably from the sheer difference in quantity I’m putting into system) but I’ve still been experiencing the alternating constipation and diarrhoea I’ve always had, plus, others have mentioned, terrible, terrible sulphuric wind!

I know some of this should be expected during the transition from regular food to 100% Huel, but should it be going on quite this long? I’m just wondering how long I should allow to let it pass before deciding that the Huel isn’t going to make any difference.


Just chiming in with my experience on 100% Huel for about 6 weeks now - I probably ‘go’ about 2-3 times a week, and it’s erm, let’s just say ‘effortless’ … but not an unpleasant experience in consistency or smell really, though I guess you get accustomed to your own?

For reference I have been Vegan for many years before ever trying Huel or other similar products, so my system has been completely accustomed to not processing meat or dairy or any other animal products obviously, and my guess for those experiencing ‘unusual’ movements is it’s likely more to do with your body clearing out and adjusting to not processing those elements of your diet, than issues with the Huel specifically.


I’m still going 2-3 times a day. Sometimes 4. All normal.

However I feel my diary issues have returned, following any dairy of any type I’m bloating up like a balloon.

Time to get the lactase tablets out again!