Errrm, Huel Poop


Is that 1.5-2 litres on top of your Huel?

For me I have 500ml of water with every 100g of huel. I have that 4 times a day, so already 2litres of water.
I then also have probably another 1.5 litres on top / a few coffees here or there for my gym sessions/work. So 3-4 Litres total, which now that i say it out loud seems a lot but it feels right for me.

Huel has enough fibre already, even at my slightly reduce calorie intake (try to lose weight), so I can tell from google.

I guess I do spend more time on the loo than before but in all honesty, I just take my sweet time with it now. Before I was more of a push, get it all done with in one go kinda guy but now I’ve learnt to not force it one bit.

it sounds silly but look at this for the home: I’ve personally not got this but I’ve had friends genuinely rave about it.


Talking of Squatty Potty, if you haven’t watched their advert then you need to because it is amazing -


Ice cream will never be the same again :joy:


Has anyone switched to gluten free and still had poop problems?

I had a bit of trouble when it came to download a brownload when I was on regular Huel so stopped but am interested in trying again with gluten free when its back in stock.


Download a brown load hahaha.

That’s made my day.

Gluten free back within next few weeks I believe.


Just got my GF so will see how it goes! Hopefuly, there won’t be too many toilet tornados.


sanovine - I’m very sorry to hear about your issues with haemorrhoids! I’ve been a long-time sufferer of the blighters & am wary of implementing any dietary changes that could exacerbate the condition. I like to go regularly each morning & don’t think I can be dealing with this pooping every now & again malarkey. Have you given up the Huel now?


The GF hasn’t helped. Going to take another break for a while and try and get back to normal.

Something in huel just doesn’t sut right with me.


That’s a shame - I wonder if v2 would help at all.


Ah, I see there is a v2 now!

It doesn’t look like that much has changed, that would affect digestion?


It is still largely the same base product. I must admit, I do get impressively bad wind created while on Huel sometimes. Bring outside in the fresh air doesn’t even seem to be sufficient for my friends to want to rapidly move to a new location…
it doesn’t seem to always be the case though. I’d love to know what triggers it.


Yeah, it’s pretty hardcore! I spend most of my martial arts class trying to hold them in!

Normally end up getting submitted due to having to break posture to avoid stinking out the dojo.

Have you had the same problems on a similarly high protein diet before?


My wind was terrible for the first few days. It’s settled down now to what I would call ‘normal’ again.


No, I haven’t given up yet since I feel pretty good when on a huel diet. Currently 2 shakes and a main evening meal. Problems persist but nothing too severe at the moment. Bowel movements have been regular, and I am careful not to hang around on the throne (not having the mobile phone with me helps :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m out! Yesterday I stopped the Huel as the wind was getting out of control and upsetting my family - they saw it as an act of aggression!

Yesterday I just ate oats 3x a day, then fish and potatoes for dinner and hardly trumped at all and when I did the smell was normal.

Still haven’t done a normal dump yet but I’m hopeful.

I gave it about a week and had between 100g and 150g a day and got through one bag of the GF. But the wind was only getting worse.

I’d love to know what’s in Huel that I’m reacting to - maybe the pea protein? Or just the high protein in general.

I’m going to stay on the oats diet for a few more days, then try and add in some protein and see how that goes. I’d happily stick to just oats if it meant no wind, but I don’t think you can survive on carbs alone?


I’d just like to add my experience for anyone who, like me, is reading through the forums before deciding whether to make a purchase, and found this thread a bit scary!

I’ve been on 100% Huel since I got my first order a week ago (I like to dive straight in), and I have had zero problems digestively speaking, nothing has changed whatsoever :slight_smile:.

So whilst it is all subjective, it’s not all doom and gloom as this thread suggested to me.

Or doom and boom in some cases.


I wanted to add my voice to this. I read this thread before sending off for my first month’s worth of Huel, and I didn’t have any issues with wind or unpleasant/slushy bowel movements. I’ve been replacing two meals per day and eating home-cooked food in the evenings, and from next month (or whenever I use up the food in my cupboards, I hate waste) I plan on going full-Huel.

Because I anticipated some unsavoury digestive effects in the first couple of weeks, I confess I did take activated charcoal capsules from Holland and Barrett. No idea whether they worked or not, but I forgot to take them several days in a row and didn’t notice any ill effects.

Mind you, I went from a vegetarian diet that was largely based on pulses and complex carbs before starting my Huel diet, so Huel probably hasn’t been quite so much of a culture-shock to my gut fauna as it might have been for others…


Thanks for the positives too, whilst I found the warnings VERY useful, they were putting me off trying it. I’m intrigued whether veretarians or vegans fared better, several comments suggest this. I think I will try some, but when I can be home for a week!


I was quite concerned this would happen to me too. Normally when I ramp my protein intake up to Huel levels, I started farting like crazy and the stench is enough to kill small animals and children within my vicinity.

I’ve only been on Huel for three days now, and I have zero problems with farting or pooping weird yet. If this were whey protein (even very good quality stuff), I’d be having all sorts of problems by now.

Many had suggested that I would have this affect, because my protein usually comes from whey when I have this issue, and they claimed it would just be lactose intolerance. But I also experience this when eating lots of meat too (visit Serbia was a serious problem for this - they only seem to eat meat there). But for some reason, this has been on problem with Huel so far.


I’ve kept off this thread as I wouldn’t usually discuss bowel movements, but I have to say I’ve been using Huel for a few months now and around 4pm every day I pretty much explode the entire contents of my large intestine into a toilet bowel. I’ve been hoping my body will get used to Huel, but something obviously doesn’t agree

The wind settled down after a few weeks, but its the explosive bowel that’s the problem. It doesn’t put me off using Huel though, just a small con compared to many pros :slight_smile: