Espresso making huel a lot thicker?

A couple of times now I’ve tried adding a double espresso to huel. First time I left in the fridge at work to chill after and it was really thick. Thinking maybe the heat had done this I’ve now, at home, put a double espresso over ice and stir till cold, then added more water added the huel in a blender. And it’s really thick again, c/w with just huel or with a flavour boost.

Any ideas of what physics or chemistry is going on that thickens it?

Some smarter people than me at Huel HQ having given me two reasons, not sure if anyone has any other explanations:

1 - Temperature
2 - The gums we use

  1. Temperature and dynamic velocity are inversely proportional, the colder a liquid gets the thicker it gets.

  2. Due to the hydration period of the gum blend we currently use, Huel get’s thicker over time.

So when it is taken out the fridge and brought back to room temperature the thickness won’t change significantly. So the first time for you, the fridge made it thicker and the second time blending with ice did.