EU site - can't order?

Anyone been able to place orders on the EU site lately?
I have a friend trying to place an order but he says it is all greyed out and won’t let him pay…

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EU and SE site both use the same stock. It should work

He managed to fill his basket but couldn’t check out

Also the referal program didn’t seem to work. Is it not possible to refer a friend to the EU site if I’m registered with the UK site?
@Tim_Huel perhaps you can help when you’re back in after the weekend :slight_smile:

Referrals must be from the same store yes :frowning:

hmmm well that’s a bit rubbish! Huel is huel! And we wanna share with all our friends, even ones in different countries!

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Hey Christina, this is what I was telling you, the EU service is having major issues! Also your friend should note (it says on the site) there’s a 10 day delay until dispatch…

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Hey @Hdoyle I didn’t realise there was a seperate site for EU :slightly_frowning_face:
I did tell him it would take more than a week from the date of order, but he couldn’t even place an order!
I’m glad I have plenty for myself but my local friends who are still waiting (yeah its UK customers as well are waiting!) are rapidly depleting my own stash in the meantime.
Maybe they have done the sensible thing and blocked all further orders from the EU site until the backlog is cleared.