Exhaustion Headaches

All, perhaps not the best forum but thought I’d give it a go. After exercise, anything from 4 hours to 10 hours I get a banging headache. I’ve tried plenty of hydration, even taken rehydration powders following cardio workout and adjusted my food intake to suit but still get the headaches. They go after taking takers but can usually occur in the middle of the night following an exercise class. BP is fine, well it is at the doctor’s and am relatively fit. Anyone else have the same assumptions?

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I used to get this when I did spin classes and it was always because I hadn’t drunk enough water and needed electrolytes, hope that helps

Thank you, yes it is with spin and pump. I was taking a litre before, half during and a litre afterwards. Added electrolytes to my water too. Maybe I need more but I am getting them when I do pump. I have heard of exertion headaches or something more sinister.

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I’d say drink much much more before and after, I’ve been floored with an instant migraine after this type of thing, its awful :frowning: Let us know how you get on x

Bananas are good for this type of thing too

Thanks Sarah, I’ve been taking coconut water during a workout, may try a bana
na for the extra potassium.

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I think if you eat more clean carbs your problem will probably go away.

The timing of the problem (a few hours after exercise) suggests the depletion of something. And the location of your problem (the brain) suggests it’s indeed carbs depletion. You can’t recover from exercise with coconut oil. You need carbs not coconut oil. There is no solid science behind coconut oil.

By the way, do you feel hungry when these problems happen? If i’m right then you should feel some hunger just before and during these headaches. If you’re hungry then just eat! :slight_smile:

Thanks, I’ve been on the Huel healthy eating system for over a week and things have improved, your theory seems correct and I am deficient in some nutrients. Generally eating around lunchtime, gym class are generally around 6pm so could be too large a gap between eating and training. Thanks for your advice.

I get these primary exertion headaches a lot.

They often kick in during exercise if it gets too exerting. I’ve had them all my life and the only way I can get around them is taking a few codeines, paracetamols, and ibuprofen before exercise. That usually takes the edge off them.

Thanks, I agree, I take an ibuprofen before I go to bed which seems to work. One good point is that it doesn’t come back after the tablet wears off unlike a major headache. I do think Huel has helped but I’ve always had a poor diet.

Potentially a 5 hour window with no food. Try a snack size Huel an hour before the gym, that should help.

Thanks, will give that a try.