Expanded packaging

I have a bag of gluten free mint-choc powder. Unopened. Expiry 3/2020.
However I’ve been put off opening it for a month or so now as the bag has blown up like a balloon. Has anyone else experienced this?
I’ve had a similar phenomenon with v2 bars a long time ago. Most were fine but about 4 in the box had expanded packaging and when I opened them they smelled and tasted peculiar.

I’m wary to open this bag in case it’s gone off, even though it’s still in date.

Any similar experiences?

Any expert advice @JamesCollier @Dan_Huel @Tim_Huel ?
Is this just air? Or has there been some kind of reaction in the ingredients which is likely to affect the quality of the product?
Is it safe to try??

Thanks for any advice :pray:t2:

How blown up is it? Is it proper swelled up and taut? We need a pic! I have no advice, I’m just curious and would rip that thing open for science.

Where are you storing this stuff? I’ve never seen that before and I’ve had bags go past the recommended use by date

Uncharacteristic (i.e. not normally like this - unlike potato chip bags which are deliberately filled with air) bloating is usually a clear indication that bacteria is present inside the packet. Bacteria feed on the contents of the pouch and produce gas. Since this gas cannot escape from the sealed packet, it accumulates inside and causes the pouch to bloat.

Bacteria can sneak into the food packaging in two ways:

  1. During the process of manufacturing - If the packaging machine is contaminated by bacteria, but this would mean a large number of pouches would be affected.
  2. Through a puncture - the packaging may get punctured due to rough handling or during transportation. Besides exposing the food to bacteria, the puncture also exposes the food to moisture and air.

I guess it’s 2.3 so it can’t be a fish.

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Hey Christina, all sounds a bit weird. We’ve got some ideas but would need to test it. Could you send it back to us? I’ll drop you a DM with details.

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@Tim_Huel are you sure you guys at HuelHQ don’t just want it back so you can play “toss the potentially-exploding fart bag” and laugh at the one holding it when it explodes? :laughing:


Not so blown up it’s taut, but noticeably expanded more than any other sealed bag in my cupboard!

I’ll post a picture when I’m home :laughing:

My bottom kitchen cupboard. Furthest corner from the cooker or any heat source. No radiator in the kitchen. Cupboard door is always closed so it’s dark. I keep all my sealed bags here and none of the others have this weird phenomenon!

This is what I’m wary of

Will do! :grin::+1:t2::pray:t2:

I hope it’s not dodgy contaminated ingredients from China I would wear a mask to open it in case you catch a deadly virus.

It’s not hugely obvious from from the photo, but every pouch I’ve ever had has no air inside - if you ‘squash’ it / press the pouch with you hands, there is normally no air. This pouch however has definitely expanded and has air inside. It’s more obvious if I press it but I didn’t have enough hands to demonstrate in the photo! (Yep still only got one arm :woman_facepalming:t3: )

It’s been stored in exactly the same cool dark cupboard as all my other pouches so it’s a bit strange it’s the only one to go like a balloon :laughing:

Thanks @Tim_Huel for organising an investigation!
It’s all boxed up and ready to be posted tomorrow.


Ooh yeah there’s a gremlin in it for sure. It’ll eat Tim’s face off!


That’s why he got me to send it to someone called Sarah. He’s too scared of what’s going to jump out :laughing::laughing:


Sarah is just way, way tougher than me.


That’s a bag destined for a date with the controlled explosion barrel!
Wouldn’t want to mess with the critter that ate an entire bag of Huel superfood. It’ll have muscles like an Australian Drop Bear, and possibly teeth/claws to match!

Hey @Tim_Huel is there any update on this? I’m hoping my bag of minty Huel didn’t explode all over Sarah :scream::boom: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Just dropped you a DM!

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