Explain why Huel isn't bad for your teeth

The dentist always told me, drinking Coke is bad for your teeth, because you are swishing sugar all over your teeth.

Huel I think is great, in that it’s easier on the teeth, and the digestive system, because it’s ground up into powder. So, physically, it’s easier to chew, and to digest. So the physical digestive and chewing aspects are great, with the powder.

However, I am having nightmares, thinking about what might happen to my teeth, as I am drinking the stuff.

I am thinking about Huel, and I am imagining that it is like swishing around Coke in your mouth. You are going to swish it al over your teeth. It is going to get into all these nasty areas, dug deep into teeth and spreading all over surfaces.

The surface area is limited somewhat if you are just chewing hard foods, like actual physical flaxseeds or physical rice. But when Huel is taking these foods and turning them into liquid, it’s just going to hit more and more surfaces of your teeth, getting into more and more areas, damaging a wider and wider surface.

And then, when you clean your teeth, you are going to miss more and more spots, because more and more spots were touched in the first place by Huel.

Critics of vegan diets often point to dental health as a major problem of vegan diets. But to take this food, and to turn it into liquid form, it just scares me a lot.

Can someone tell me something to make me less worried about what Huel might do to my teeth?

Don’t worry pal. If you just drink Huel you don’t need teeth.

You could get a straw. Once used for bubble tea. Or you could do what I do and clean your teeth after a meal - solid or Huel.

Coke is acidic and full of sugar and carbon dioxide. All those things aren’t good for teeth.

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My understanding is that huel is nutritionally balanced and therefore contains a normal amount of sugar if you were to eat a nutritionally balanced meal. Ie there is no excess of sugar.

If you are woried about oral health the having a recommended oral hygiene routine should be sufficient. This means brushing twice daily in the correct way. You can try brushing for longer or using electric toothbrushes. Also flossing is recommended with mouthwash or sugar free chewing gum during the day.

Drink out of a straw, don’t swill it around your mouth, rinse your mouth with plenty of water afterwards and if you’re really worried then brush your teeth 30+ mins after finishing it. I tend to follow these steps when I’m drinking anything that isn’t water.

It’s the acid in coke that’s the main problem, the sugar is secondary.

I don’t know how you consume your Huel, but I certainly don’t “swish” it around my teeth, I just… drink it? It hardly gets any contact with my teeth at all.

Huel has very little sugar - 2.9g/2000kcal in the case of Unflavored/Unsweetened v3.0 powder, and last I checked its acidity was very close to neutral. It also contains all the nutrients your body needs - including for maintenance of dental health.

I also perform dental hygiene correctly, never had a cavity before or since Huel.

That’s because in general vegan diets are horrible and should not be consumed by anyone. There is a massive difference between a vegan diet (cakes are full of sugar and can be made vegan), and a properly planned whole-food plant-based diet.


Yeap but Huel isn’t coke. As others have said a can of coke contains over 30 times more sugar than a Huel meal. Coke also contains phosphoric acid which further damages your teeth.

A good brushing and flossing routine won’t consistently miss spots. Nutrients can dissolve in saliva and also reach these hard to reach places you mentioned but on the other hand saliva contains antibacterial compounds.

In short, you’ll be fine.

First I’ve heard of this. Could you explain why please?