False positives

I work in an industry that carries out random drug testing, after all the commotion about poppy seeds causing false positives is Huel safe to use? I’m currently using berry v2.3

Which drugs does your industry test for? It may be worth using the 'informed by sport bags.

I say go for it… that way if you ever want to take drugs you can blame it on the Huel :joy:

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All the usual barbiturates, cocaine, marijuana, alcohol and prescribed drugs

There’s no poppy seeds in Huel. The reason poppy seeds give a false positive is because of opiates and being used to produce heroin: https://www.healthline.com/health/fitness-nutrition/poppy-seeds-drug-test

There’s no reason for Huel to cause you to fail a drugs test. If you are regularly drug tested you can try Huel Professional which is tested by the third party, Informed Sport: https://uk.huel.com/products/huel-professional

You can find out more here: https://uk.huel.com/pages/what-is-huel-professional

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Hi Dan

Thanks for your reply, 1st random test in 7 years so I think I’ll just carry on with what I use currently

Yours with many thanks

Mr Stuart Craig