Fascinating Interview with Julian

I’ve just been listening to this great interview with @Julian:

As someone who is trying to make my own way with an online business, I found a lot of good insight and advice in here. Thanks Julian.


Thanks will add it to the list! I listened to this one a while ago and found it quite interesting:

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Fantastic interview to listen to. For me, I have just finished university and have a job lined up in IT in a few weeks time, so a lot of this was really interesting!
Probably once I’m a bit more settled I should really take the time to find that evening passion and start growing something or at least develop myself further! Can’t hurt to try

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Thank you guys, any questions just let me know.


@JCW Thanks, I’ve downloaded that for listening to later.

Good interview - great listening and advice.


Enjoyed the interview, Julian. Honest, practical and unlike a lot of other founder interviews I’ve heard, not pitching some $999.95 internet guru course :wink:

You mentioned that you often listen to business/entrepreneurship podcasts, can you recommend any particularly good ones?

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If you are interested in making money online, these ones can be good:
Smart Passive Income
Side Hustle Nation
Amazing Seller Podcast

I think Silicon Real might be good too as I listen to London Real from the same people.

Any others?

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I listened to Julian’s interview on the ‘Version 3.0 - LDN Podcast’. He mentions a number of podcasts he listens to at the end of that interview. http://podcastldn.com/version-30/2016/4/10/6-julian-hearn

@AndyLee sure, these are my favs:

  • This week in startups - the best, and 651 previous episodes (I’ve listened to nearly every one)
  • Stanford ecorner - certainly cheaper than attending, a brilliant back catalogue of greats from silicon valley
  • Dorm room tycoon - don’t let the name put you off, some great interviews
  • The growth show - the earliest 50 were the best
  • Shopify masters - you hear from great stories from smallish online companies, again the early ones were better
  • Venture voice - a bit old but some amazing interviews, Read Hoffman, Tom Perkins, Jason Fried, Derek Sivers, etc, etc, some real gold there.
  • The James Altucher Show - not all business but a very interesting guy and interesting guests. From Tony Hawks to Gary Veynerchuk

There is over a 1000 x 1 hour episodes above, so should keep you going for a while. Have fun.