Favourite Huel Mixture

My favourite Huel mixture - and I do admit I like my Huel as a thick smoothie rather than a drink - is 3 scoops Vanilla Huel, half teaspoon of matcha tea flavouring (optional), handful of fresh spinach, handful of blueberries, desert spoon of crushed flax seeds. I blend the spinach and blueberries with some water, add the rest, top up with water, shake then blend again.



That sounds amazing! I’ve not tried spinach in it yet. I love matcha Huel, Tumeric/Golden Milk Huel is amazing too

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Tumeric/golden milk? Sounds interesting - can you give more details?

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You can get a ready mix called Golden Milk/ Golden Latte/ Turmeric Latte, its made of turmeric, pepper, coconut cream powder, cayenne pepper. Its really nice and fab to add to vanilla Huel


2 or 3 scoops with a banana and either frozen berries or frozen mangos and pineapples, all into a nutribullet mixer. The fact that they are frozen makes it great as Huel is so much better cold.
This is my monday to friday breakfast and I came to love it so much that I even crave it.

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