Feedback on the flavour pouches please!

Had my first order this week, the standard vanilla was a lot better than I was expecting. The flavour packs that I ordered with it was the chocolate, strawberry and the rhubarb and custard all of which I have found very nice. The rhubarb and custard was a bit underwhelming but then again it could be a bit sickly if it was stronger.

Great: matcha, rhubarb and custard.
Good: toffee and strawberry.
Ok: banana (tastes like haribo bananas), cacao.
Bad: chocolate, pineapple and coconut — I find the pineapple taste weird and overpowering (and I really like pineapples). I’d love a coconut-only pouch, or at least a version with less of the pineapple flavour.

Only tried Chocolate, and it’s better than your “average” chocolate flavoured powder (e.g. whey). Perhaps to improve it, a slightly darker chocolate taste, but maybe that’s my personal preference. 7/10.

@Julian / Huel team - how about a ‘Coconut’ flavour pouch? Would go great with the oaty texture of Huel.

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@Huelgasm pineapple and coconut is one of my favs, so I agree that coconut could be good. I will ask the team.


I have ordered the sample pack so I can try all the different flavours. I have tried Rhubarb & Custard and Banana so far and love them both, especially the Rhubarb.

Maybe a dessert themed one would be good (like a lot of protein powders have). For example a cookies and creme one. I know this wouldn’t be to everyone’s taste but I have a sweet tooth. Or cherry bakewell would be fantastic.

Edit- also support the idea of a salted caramel one as someone suggested above. Or a butterscotch.

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Rhubarbs and custard is incredible, I love it SO much, I also like Banana and at first I wasn’t a fan but strawberry has grown on me.

Toffee was the one I wanted to like the most but ended up being my least favourite.

Bear in mine I like things sweet, so if you are not my favourites probably won’t be yours

Has anyone mixed the flavours?

Hi there

I have tried all the mini pouches my favourite is toffee and I also have banana and strawberry… the chocolate was nice … I also mix the toffee into my Greek yog if I want a sweet treat and it is gorgeous topped with fruit!

I’m trying 3 scoops of huel in 400 ml water as I feel I’m not getting full and I don’t like the thought of eating more as don’t want to gain weight…

I am on version 2.2 and it’s very nice couldn’t tell all that much difference from first 1…

I am mixing this way of life with my crossfit and having one meal in evening…:. So see how it goes…

I LOVE the bars and if they were a bit cheaper I’d buy more as they are very satisfying.

Thanks guys :slight_smile:

mocha !! ))))) is great

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I’ve found the fruity ones really synthetic tasting and overly sweet. The mocha and matcha are both lovely and the chocolate was okay. I prefer mixing it with espresso or nut butters though so I doubt I’d buy flavour packs again. They did really break up the monotony though!

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Strawberry is the only one that I really like. Pineapple and Coconut lay abandoned in my cupboard for so long after I had tried it a few times that I had to throw it away. Chocolate tastes awful if you mix and drink the same day - but improves significantly if left overnight in the fridge.

The flavours that impressed me were Chocolate and banana. Tasted just like regular milkshakes when blended with ice.

I have tried all of the flavours and have just ordered the Pineapple and Coconut flavour which is my favourite.
The only comment I would have, for future versions/developments is that the flavours have a slight chemical taste to them that is similar to that in an artificial sweetener sachet. If that could be improved/lessened that would be amazing!


Thanks for the feedback so far! Great to hear about your favourite flavours and what you’d like to see improved. Keep it coming!

At the moment I’m really enjoying the Matcha!

They seem like a rip off to me…
Why doesn’t Huel just come in more flavours as standard?

I guess it is down to the quantities that they would need to make of each flavour to make it worth their while, makes it impractical.

As the company grows it may be more profitable to do so.

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Before I started Huel I had purchased protein powders with pre-blended flavours, for example I remember purchasing 5kg of banana flavour (about £50k). However, I didn’t like the taste so had to waste £50. The idea with the Huel flavour boost is that for less than £3 you can try all 9 flavours - - then you order the flavours you like for £7.50 each (which is about 10p per serving).

Plus the other benefit is that you can add the amount of flavour you personally like. We have learn’t that taste is very subjective, so the ability to customise to your own personal taste level is beneficial.


The flavour samples appear to be made for trying mini huel snacks. This seems odd to me, logically I would want to be able to try flavouring my regular huel meal and see whether I liked it.

Really? I assumed there’d be enough of each flavour for 100g Huel (dry
weight). How much Huel per flavour sample is the suggested mix? Thanks for
bringing this up.

I have so far tried the strawberry, toffee and cacao, strawberry was lovely, cacao is like a coffee right? I honk I am one of the few people in the world that actually dispises the flavour of coffee, I was hoping for chocolate when I opened the packet, unfortunately I was wrong… I found the cacao bar a chore to eat due to cacao, but that’s for another time… I can’t speak for the actual chocolate packet as it was missing from my sample packet, toffee was nice but I think I had used too much U/U for it to work much.