Feel full but weak and shakey

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I have started having a shake for breakfast about 9.30.But i am really hungry and weak before and after even though i feel full.I dont start feeling human again until after i have had my lunch.My evening meal is about 6.00pm,and im up at 5.30am every morning.Is that to much time between meals ? Any advice would be appreciated.Because i am having trouble working feeling that weak,but dont want to give up.


Hi Chris

I don’t know if this will help, but let’s try…

Many years ago, I used to get that same sensation leading up to breakfast. A visit to the doctor resulted in me finding out that my blood sugar was low in the morning, and that I needed to eat something - whether that be a full breakfast, or just a snack - reasonably soon after getting up. So, I started to have a little breakfast right after my shower and shave. The feelings went away.

Fast forward to today and Huel…

I’m on a self-imposed weight-loss programme, so I’m limiting myself to 4 x two-scoop shakes per day.

I’m normally up and about by 6am, and have my first shake around 7am, the second around 11am, third around 3pm and my last around 6:30pm. I haven’t felt hungry once, nor do I get weak or shaky.

as im considering getting the 112 meal pack for 2 months 2 shakes a day at 125g each (1000 cal per day in huel plus a pure whey shake and snacks) what im wondering is this: What sort of size are you? personal question i know, but im trying to deduce how much im likely to need given my size(15.5 stone, 6foot 2)

I’m 5’11" and currently 17st. I have a fairly sedentary lifestyle, unfortunately, due to inflammatory arthritis and chronic hip bursitis. I’m not huge, and I’m quite a muscley bloke, but I’m definitely significantly overweight and have too much fat on my chest, waist, bum and legs (especially waist and bum!).

I have a long weekend away planned for the end-of-May bank holiday, and I’m hoping to be one stone lighter by then. I’m eating 4 x two-scoop meals a day, and I normally treat myself to a small low-calorie evening snack or two (Snack a Jacks, Leerdammer Light cheese, that kind of thing), bringing my total calories for the day to between 1300 and 1400. On Fridays, I’m allowing myself 2 x two scoop meals during the day, and enjoying a reasonably sensible Indian take-away on the evening (tonight I’m having King Prawn Balti with boiled rice - probably 700 - 800 calories all in, but certainly under 1000). As a result, my Friday intake probably isn’t much different to my usual Huel-only days.

I rarely have a full feeling in my stomach, but that’s because of the portion sizes I’ve chosen. Having said that, I never feel hungry and I don’t suffer from the up and down hunger pangs I used to get. I don’t feel tempted to snack at all (that has been the biggest revelation, actually). I’m also starting to feel more energetic than I’ve felt in quite some time. I’ve only been on Huel for two weeks now, and I’m finding it both easy and very beneficial.

Hope this helps!

Hi Mike,
Calorie calculators like - http://www.calculator.net/calorie-calculator.html are somewhere to start. Based on your stats they can tell you a daily calorie target. Then you can work out how much of that you want to do from Huel and how much from other food.
Hope that helps.

“Feel full but weak and shakey

I see what you did there.

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Thanks mate, certainly helped

cheers, will have a nosey

Sounds like my experience- a dip in blood sugar levels. When I started to eat smaller portions more often my blood sugar level evened out.
Could be something else though