Feeling cold with Huel

I’m aware that a calorie deficit can often make you feel cold, but has anybody got some Huel specific insight into this? I’m feeling colder than I expected. Only on week 2, so early days.

Ive never had any cold feeling from huel but as you’re name suggests, london has gone from highs of 33C to highs of 23C in a few days. Could this be why you feel cold?

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perhaps. but i’ve been indoors mostly, watching the sunshine rather than enjoying it… and we’ve got a/c in the office.

<<obvious and yet unforeseen side effect of huel - it’s easy to never leave your desk!>>

haha, my daily exercise is the 30 seconds it takes to walk to the fridge and back to my desk.

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I don’t usually feel the cold and rarely have the central heating on but last winter I seemed to feel the cold more than I have ever done in my whole life. I just put it down to getting older and possibly being on a calorie deficit to lose weight. Don’t know really but I didn’t like it or like having the central heating on more!!! My sinuses doesn’t like the heating on either. Grrr…
I don’t feel cold lately though.