Feeling demotivated

Hi All

I have been on and off with Huel for almost a year now. Since the 25th Feb I have been on Huel and going to the gym at least 2-3 times a week. So far here are my stats- im 5ft 2:

|25-Feb| (SW)14:10

On Sunday my bf and I went to Zizzis pizza and I had one under 600 cals with a 1/2 pint of peroni- this is the first alcohol intake since I started.

This week I have been so tired I havent gotten myself out of bed for the gym. Im planning on going this afternoon however I have such lack of energy/motivation I dont know whats wrong with me. My entire body just feels tired.

I have a fitbit and use MFP every day so I know i have over 1000 cal deficit every day. Im trying to eat under 1200 cals to attempt to loose 2lbs a week. I weighed myself this morning and it looks like I have put on about 2-3 pounds and I cannot understand why.

Im wondering if anyone can help at all- in the gym I normally do 10 mins on the treadmill to warm up at a fast walking pace at a high incline. Then I 20 mins on the elliptical and arm/leg exercises (not free weights- I use the machines)

My eating routine is normally:
Breakfast: 1 x 38g scoop with a banana
Lunch: Quorn chicken/egg salad with avocado and a little amount of salad cream for flavour
Dinner: healthy under 5-600 cals
snacks: blueberry, strawberries and grapes (all measured)
Options hot chocolate (39cals) and a special K bar under 90 cals

So far I have been loosing 2lbs a week which I am happy about but the scale really peeved me off this morning. Adding to that I am so tired I just wondered if anyone can help with my routine/eating advice etc.

Have you ever had a test for caeliac disease?
I’m only wondering because the pizza and alcohol both contain gluten, and the main symptom of caeliac disease is exhaustion after consuming gluten, similar to what you’ve described.

But then again, exhaustion / tiredness / lethargy can be caused by so many things, it can sometimes be hard to pinpoint it. Maybe you’re just a bit under the weather and need to rest. Don’t let it get you down. Rest for a bit then get back to it !

Hey @ChristinaT - yeah I think I got checked a few years back

I eat gluten quite a bit so not sure if thats it. Honestly Monday I slept for nearly 10 hours and was still exhausted. Probably all catching up to me :frowning:

Thanks tho :slight_smile:

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Hey you
I can’t read your stats (maybe I’m reading with a different browser or anything). But first of all do not feel bad about the weight gain on the scale. If you are in a caloric deficit you are losing fat (and/or muscle), that’s simply how it works. If the scale goes still up that can have different causes: for example you have simply drank or ate more and have still food in you bowel/blather. The other thing, which is pretty common, is waterweight, if you ate a lot of carbohydrates (which store water in muscle) or a lot of salt (stores water under/in the skin) you “gain” on the scale. But this is not fat and can be totally different the next day. If you are a woman the weight can change a lot in your mensturation cycle, up to a few kgs! You can google it if you’re really interestered, there are also a lot of techniques to weigh yourself properly to not get confused in the mensturation cycle.

So my tip: If you are not an athlete who needs to have a certain weight on the scale of day X (weight categories) try to not let the daily fluctation on the scale demotivate you. And look at the long run, over a period of months your weight should go down as long as you are in a caloric deficit. Maybe you want to take pictures of you for yourself to see progress or take measurements in addition to weighing yourself?

Feeling tired/without energy can obviusly have a lot of causes. Don’t forget that a deficit of 1000 calories is huge. So it is not weird that you feel tired when your body gets everyday 1000 calories less than it would need to just maintain the weight. Maybe you want to try and eat one or two days the calories you would need to maintain the weight? So your body can relax for two days and you can recharge mentally and physically? Just an idea. You won’t be gaining fat in these to days because you are not eating in a surplus.

Sorry for the really long answer :wink:


Hi @sopsc thank you for your reply- i definitely dont mind thats its long lol

I know about the fluctuations but it sucks so bad lol i think i need to do it once per week and that is it!! I may even invest in the digital scales to see if that is more accurate.

I have taken pictures and measurements so I may look to see how they are going lol I definitely feel super bloated - last night I looked 8 months pregnant :open_mouth:

Youre right about the deficit- obv this is going to make me feel more tired so I just got to adjust- I try to have one reasonable ‘cheat’ meal per week- so on a Sat I would eat less that 2000cals instead of the 1200.

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Also, have a think about where you are in your monthly cycle. Hormones can be a bitch!
James Smith PT on Facebook has a good video about it.

If you’re tired - rest. You’ll know the difference between “I’m tired and can’t be bothered” and “I’m genuinely really tired today” so don’t beat yourself up if you just don’t have the energy to exercise one any given day. Self care is so important.

I have found in the last 6 months that I have developed a sensitivity to gluten, nothing severe and I don’t have caeliac disease, but noticed changes in my body, bloating, bowel movements etc. It could be a similar case for you.

Hey @100down I have just finished my cycle maybe 2 weeks ago- ill have a look at that video tho to see- its something I always wonder about so would be good to know :slight_smile:

Ill keep an eye out on how I react with gluten- I never really pay much attention to be honest but I probably should

You’re not, are you? I don’t mean 8 months, just pregnant :thinking:

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lol @Bee very very unlikely :laughing:

Ok :laughing:

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Pizza and beer are top culprits for bloating whether or not you’re gluten intolerant.
It’s the salt mainly, plus dairy plus fat plus wheat plus alcohol. All of that will cause you to retain water and feel lethargic for a few days.
Some cardio exercise will shift it and make you feel better, as will eating nice light healthy food for a coupe days.
Try not to worry about it too much - put it down to experience and carry on.
I still have meals out with my friends, but know I will suffer for a couple days after if I make the choice to eat salty fatty food, and drink alcohol. And that’s okay once in a while :grin:


I feel the same when I have pizza or bread, it makes me bloated and knackered also can give me headaches. I have never been tested but if I avoid eating them I do feel a lot better. I even have gluten free Huel.


Yeah headaches were an issue also but I put these down to tiredness :confused:

Feeling much better today- going to try and get to the gym in the morning before work :slight_smile:

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