"Fermented" Huel

I know nothing. Particularly about fermentation.

I’m hoping some of you guys and gals do.

Particularly im wondering if mixing an opened probiotic capsule into Huel would…

A) reduce the phytic acid content and increase mineral availability.
B) increase the amount of live bacteria in the probiotic powder by feeding them with the prebiotic beta glucans.


Would i then need to keep the Huel out of the fridge overnight instead of in the fridge?

Would I need to include an acidic medium e.g. lemon juice, Apple cider vinegar?

I’d assume soaking the huel overnight in the fridge would reduce some if the phytic acid, I do this regularly, no need for added probiotics. :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t want to leave Huel in a place where it can get too warm overnight…it could start fizzing tho.

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