First day of Huel - Early thoughts

My son has introduced me to this - he has major house renovations going on at the moment so this is an ideal way to overcome the problems of breakfast+. I loved the taste when he gave me some to try - so here I am on my first day.
I’ve been used to vegan smoothies and juices in the past so no big shock - just so much easier. I’m sitting, supposedly working, and sipping my chocolate and chilli huel shake - just yummy. It’s stopping me visiting the biscuit tin!
A proper meal for the family this evening but this is just great for me during the day.
Looking forward to tomorrow.

If you use an app like MyFitnessPal - I have created Huel Vanilla V1.2 which details all of the macro & micro nutrients and makes it really easy to see calorie intake per serving.

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