First marathon complete!

Hi, I completed my first marathon in Chester on Sunday and was using Huel right up to the big day.
Not a great time (5:18) but it was very hot and I’m very old ;o)
For the final week I had changed from my normal qty, which was calculated to lose a few pounds, to the full recommended amount. I also carb loaded 3 days before but not by a great deal as I always felt too full.
Apart from actually finishing the most amazing thing has been my recovery and by Wednesday I didn’t even feel like I’d been running at all. I’ve no idea how much this was down to Huel but I’m sure it must have made a difference !


In my opinion, any time is a great time for a first marathon; congrats! :smile:

Huel can’t have hurt, but I think the amount of training you did leading up to the day will probably be the biggest factor - I finished my first (& only) marathon in a similar time, but hadn’t done more than 20k runs before and that only once or twice; my recovery stretched on for many weeks - I even borrowed some crutches at one point it was so bad.

Congrats @meltec - I’ve got running a marathon on my bucket list, one day I will get around to it. But it’s a scary prospect. Well done for completing it.