First month complete on Huel

Start Huel 1st May 2020

Age: 24 Height: 182cm

Start weight: 133.5kg

Using 100g/500ml Banana Huel v3.0 at around 12-1pm. Followed by 90g/500ml Huel Black Vanilla at around 4-5pm. Then for evening meal, I alternate between a 90g/500ml Huel Black Vanilla or an evening meal/salad less than 400 calories. Total Daily Calories 1200kcal.

Once a fortnight (after weighing) treat myself to something yummy and sticking to total daily calories of 1600kcal

After last weigh-in of the month treat myself to a takeaway of some sort as a reward but not going excessive.

Date: Weight (weekly loss/ total loss)

Start Weight 01/05/2020: 133.5kg

Weight 03/05/2020: 131.4kg (XX / 2.1kg)

Weight 06/05/2020: 129.6kg (XX / 3.9kg)

Weight 08/05/2020:129.2kg (4.3kg / 4.3kg)

Weight 15/05/2020: 127.8kg (1.4kg / 5.7kg)

Weight 22/05/2020: 126.3kg (1.5kg / 7.2kg)

Weight 29/05/2020: 124.0kg (2.3kg/9.5kg)

Next Month starts…now


Be careful, losing so much weight every day and for such a long time i dont know if its good.

Talk with an specialist, 10 kilos in a single month is a lot. Maybe you should maintain your weight for a couple of weeks and do exercise.

Hey Oliver, great post and thanks for the detailed information! Really helps us to understand your journey :+1:

How are you feeling on your new routine?

I would echo what Adrian has said, on the surface it looks like a lot of weight to be losing quite quickly. We recommend you aim to lose around half a kilo of fat per week, some people can stretch that to 1kg a week but it’s tough and we wouldn’t recommend it.

If it’s working for you then great, but I would certainly consider increasing the daily calories if you’re finding it tough because you can still eat more than you are and lose weight.

Keep us posted!

Feeling absolutely tiptop to be honest. Having zero cravings and rarely feel hungry. Quite often ive forgotten to make a shake and drink it so have to catch up once i realise.
It probably helps that im quite active/busy all the time too, farmer and university student. I may up the calories but in the past i’ve had real trouble with losing weight/fat even on a higher calorie limit - maybe i was just eating the wrong ratios?
Is there any papers you’d recommend with reference to health issues arising from losing too much too quick?

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At the weight that you are Oliver you can probably get away with losing more weight per week. The reason it’s important to do this alongside a dietitian is because you want to ensure you’re still getting all the nutrients you need (which is harder when you’re eating less) and that you’re losing as little muscle mass as possible.

As Huel products are nutritionally complete per 2000kcal unless your evening meal is really nutrient dense you might be low in a nutrient or two. There’s no harm in reaching out to a dietitian or a registered nutritionist who can offer you safe and personalised advice.

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dont be getting saggy skin tho

Amazing! I’m just starting my weight loss journey using Huel (my order arrived today)… I’ve tried Huel twice in the past and didn’t get along with it but I know that I need to do something dramatic to change my weight & I know what I’m getting with Huel so it’s time to change my mindset and really think about what I eat alongside it to ensure I am enjoying it and also seeing a difference! I’ll be keeping my eyes on the forums for lots of advice too!

Ive introduced a 28g pack of biltong to my day as a snack. Mostly because i was missing meat but also a nice low calorie snack and gets the taste buds working (~65 calories for a 28g pack). I also go for anything which counts the calories for me as when i start guessing its always in my favour lol. sop repacked salads or meals etc with low calories. Just ordered some zero-calorie syrups to add to my shakes to get some sweetness in them (got maple, custard and sticky toffee pudding syrups all on their way)

How’s your weight loss going now?

Yeah, you seem to have avoided that well from your photos, especially considering how much you say you weighed at your heaviest. I’ve never been massively overweight so not a problem for me to lose few kilos.

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yeah mate its worked out well.

i really got big and fat in a two year period.

i was normally a 32" waist, got upto 38", with veganism & huel im at 28" . so yeah 10" off my waist in about a year.

i was an alcoholic and looked so bad man, hate the way i looked, deleted all the photos.

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Good work Matt.

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the skin thing really depends on your age and the rate you lose at so your skin has time to adapt - when you’re as old as the pyramids like me - most of the elasticity in the skin is very low so have to take it easy on the rate of loss - I slowed mine right down to try and cope with this.

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yeah thats right.

there is stuff like bath salts that help, Epsom salt and Pink himalyan salt, also supplements.

at my stage in life I think I would need a little extra salt… :grinning:

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Weight 05/06/2020: 122.3kg (1.7kg/11.2kg)

Weight 12/06/2020: 120.8kg (1.5kg/12.7kg)

Weight 19/06/2020: 119.8kg (1.0kg/13.7kg)

Weight 26/06/2020: 116.6kg (3.2kg/16.9kg)

Weight 03/07/2020: 116.0kg (0.6kg/17.5kg) (was a rather low activity week)

next weigh day is tomorrow.

Ha ha nice picture though. :rofl:

This is so good. Well done you

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