First steps and hoping to beat cravings

Hi all,

This is my first time with Huel so I went with Huel Black with chocolate and vanilla bags.

I’m 48 autistic (diagnosed 2 years ago) and potentially ADHD (assessment next week) I’m also vegetarian and gave up caffeinated drinks back in March 2007.

I have a tendency to graze eat, so chocolate, biscuits and crisps are an easy thing for me to work my way through. I’m hoping Huel will be the answer for me.

My height is: 6ft 2in (188cm)
My current weight is 19st 8.5lb (124.8kg)
Goal weight is 14st (89.1kg)


Initially try replacing the chips, biscuits and chocolate with sour pickles such as sauerkraut, kimchi, pickled onions, cucumbers etc. These are healthier and will both take care of the salt and sugar cravings as components of the pickling vinegars neutralise the sweet cravings.

You can then cut these back too until not gracing becomes the new habit.

Basically - best just not to get too hung up on the changes you are making and instead plan out and schedule your weight loss. I lost a similar amount of weight spaced out over a year which I personally felt was a comfortable rate to allow my body time to adjust to it.

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