First time user, help set my expectations!

Ok so I’ve ordered for the first time and it will arrive in a couple of days. After reading a lot of the reviews and speaking to a Huel user in work this is what I’m expecting:

I’m overweight, sit at a desk all day and on the sofa all night. I don’t have the time or energy levels to think of healthy breakfast and lunch options so thinking Huel will help me control calorie intake in an easy way and then remove the cravings I get for an unhealthy evening meal or snacks.

Also hoping to see obvious weight loss because of the calorie control but also hoping to see increased energy levels which will then give me the motivation to get exercising.

Am I expecting too much??


I think as all changes in life you have to take baby steps. So don’t expect big changes from 0 to 100 overnight because of “magic food”. But I think your target is clear, and Huel is certainly a great “tool” in achieving it, since is super easy to prepare, nice to drink and perfect to calculate calories. For example: my father went to a nutritionist years ago, and he gave him a dietary schedule. Apart from the cost (mostly fish, for example), for me it would be a nightmare to follow, everyday a different dish, a lot of groceries to buy, even if it was really effective because my father lost a lot of weight. But he has my mother lovely cooking for him.
Huel is greatly easier and I think more flexible. The rest is up to determination and how your individual body reacts. :slight_smile:
As for my experience, I’m not in an extreme weight loss schedule (I mainly want to eat better, only 1 Huel a day at the moment + starting with Granola breakfast today), but I removed all cravings for sweet I had before (tipically having a normal meal and then…“oh let’s eat some biscuits, or ice cream, or a plumcake…” :smiley: ). I lost 2 Kg in 3 weeks, I can’t say I feel extremely better, but I think impact of a better nutrition should be evaluated on a longer period of time.


I have started using Huel just this week and agree i was a little curious about what to expect.
I ordered it after reading some reviews, still a little unsure about it as i have IBS.
I used to be quite active until a serious back injury in the gym a few years ago, so the pounds have crept up on me quickly recently.

I wasn’t (and am still not) expecting miracles of some wonderful melt-away fat loss potion, however i have been incredibly surprised and share other peoples views of how it suppresses hunger and cravings.

I ordered a vanilla and a coffee flavor. Vanilla was too sweet, so mixed half and half with the coffee, and it tastes fantastic like a caramel latte. Given i used to be a coffee addict before switching to mint tea, this gives me a nice little coffee buzz.

Currently have one shake per day (lunch), increasing it to two as from tomorrow (breakfast & lunch), normal meal in evening. However, today i have just ordered some granola to try for breakfast, so will see how that goes.
Agree with the above, that i just feel generally better and more alert. Whether the latter is huel or just my own placebo effect i am not sure, either way, i feel good.

I have never really weighed myself, preferring to just feel how clothes fit, however i bought some scales today to see if i do lose any weight.

Overall i would say, don’t expect too much, just give it a go and see how you feel. If my experience is anything to go by, you will be pleasantly surprised.
Good luck

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I have a very destructive relationship to foods and sweets. Huel has helped me reduce the junk I consume by I’d say 95%. Days when I drink Huel, I have little-to-no cravings. I am losing weights (calorie deficit) and I feel better than my previous diet that was pretty much only junk, although that is obvious as to why lol


Hey there! Kudos for wanting to change your life for the better :slight_smile:
I echo Dan in saying that don’t expect Huel to be a “magic shake” because it’s not, but it’s a great tool. It’s still necessary to be aware the calories you’re consuming through your non-Huel foods.
Regarding energy levels, for some reason I didn’t feel that ‘increased energy level’ people have spoken of, but I HAVE felt less cravings for junk and greater satiety :slight_smile:
All the best and keep us posted!

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Thanks all. My Huel order should arrive later today so will be starting my Huel journey tomorrow. My plan is to have 3 scoops for breakfast and again for lunch, with a 500ish calorie evening meal. I usually skip breakfast most days (I’m just not a breakfast person) which leaves me craving junk for lunch time and then later on in the evening.I’m also a very fussy eater and don’t tend to eat/like the foods that are good for me.

Like I said in my OP, my main reasons for trying Huel is to control my cravings, get the nutrition my body needs in the easiest way possible but also drop some weight. Weighed in this morning at 244lbs, my ultimate stretch goal is to drop below 200lbs - I know that will take some time but if I see this number drop by a pound or two each week and I’m not having to mess around thinking of or cooking healthy meal options for breakfast and lunch then I’ll be very happy!

Day One starts tomorrow!


Well done UKHueler :+1:
Your day 1 actually started when you ordered your first batch !!
Personal opinion here … I prefer to have 2 scoops in 300ml and 3 times a day plus a normal meal OR 2 scoops in 300ml 5-6 times a day if I go 100% !
Quite a drop in calories tho and occasional on some days I’m really really hungry ! Especially if I’ve been to the gym OR had a long cycle ride !!
You will find your hunger level and as long as you know when you need food as opposed to wanting food !!

Good luck! I’m in the middle of the 4th week of Huel, definitely not in an extreme weight loss schedule (only 1 Huel a day for the most part of it, started with 2 last saturday), and I’ve already lost almost 3Kg. :slight_smile:

I personally prefere Granola for breakfast over Huel powder, mainly because I can’t drink Huel very fast, usually takes 20-30 minutes, and I don’t have that much time in the morning. :slight_smile: Also, i like something crunchy with milk or tea. :slight_smile:

I hope you will love Huel as much as I do! In the next days I’ll start my subscription, big order!

I have IBS too and having Huel has actually helped mine quite a lot, hopefully it will for you aswell :slight_smile:

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I’ve been losing weight with pretty much 100% Huel, had a week where I stopped it but back on it now, I’ve not been obsessive or anything about the calories and its still coming off, it should be really good for you :slight_smile: good luck with it

Good posts. I’ve read an awful lot on all kinds of plans, dipped in an out of the most successful I’ve tried (5:2), but having watched a recent BBC documentary on total meal replacement my mind was made up.

There’s no avoiding it, I’m just fat, and although I eat well (cook 95% of the time from scratch) I eat too much! Huel is an attempt to maintain the nutrients but control the calories. I intend to go 100% for 6 weeks, then revert to one or two a day. I’m currently following the 4 x 2 scoop as I prefer not to have periods of hunger.

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Just a heads up - You’re almost always going to feel hungry in caloric deficit, it’s just your body panicking it’s not getting the amount of calories it’s used to.

Hunger and cravings is the make and break point for a lot of people when they try and lose weight, just gotta pull through them :frowning:


Currently enjoying my first Huel shake, and I actually am enjoying it - tastes good and the small lumps don’t bother me at all. Here we go, let’s do this!


Great! :slight_smile: Enjoy your new adventure!

Am day one and about to leave the office. I had 3 scoops at 7am and another 3 at 12pm - definately feeling hunger now! Think I may try 3x2 scoops tomorrow and spread them out throughout the day

My first week of Huel complete! 4lbs lost and generally feel better, not as bloated or lethargic as I did on my old diet.

Started on 3 scoops for breakfast and lunch, but have dropped this to 2 after the first few days and don’t feel any hungrier as a result. Trying to stick to under 1500 cal per day so less scoops during the day means I can eat a little more for my main meal.

I haven’t really struggled too much with cravings or felt the temptation to eat junk. Huel is the future!!

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Two weeks in and 7lb off and I feel great! Yeah I get hungry but that was always going to happen. Don’t feel as bloated or lethargic like I used to. Really enjoying the Huel journey. Second order arrives in 10 days!