Fish Surprise

Bit of fun for me really.

Today marked the two year anniversary of me moving into my place in Marazion. Before that I was living in various family properties, mostly around the Hayle area.

To celebrate I went err “fishing” in my freezer, dug out a bunch of filets of fish that I had failed to label. And made them into a fish pie (with a lovely local potato crust topped with cheese from a farm down the road).

Still couldn’t identify what it was I ate, several unknown fish fillets. Definitely some mackerel and some haddock in there but Lord only knows what else!

Just thought I’d share, I’m not a pure vegan I do have one red meat meal per week and I eat a fair bit of fish when I’ve caught I myself. Damn it was tasty but couldn’t give you a recipe because I have no idea what was in it! Lol.

Have a wonderful week everyone.


I hunt and fish frequently, and I also have a huge chest freezer in the garage. As such it is not uncommon to have a batch of “mystery meat” in the freezer that I can’t remember what the hell it is.

It’s been awhile since I thawed some out which fit this perplexing description, but at the time I said screw it and made a batch of chili with some and it turned out phenomenal. I am pretty sure it was ground venison (deer) from the taste, but I can’t be sure.

Hunting game is an activity I have enjoyed all my life, though I know it is much less common in the UK.

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I actually have a really good swap system going on with a friend of mine from when I used to live in Essex.

I get early cuts of venison steak in the season in exchange for mackerel fillets. Given that I can drop feathers and pull out mackerel eight at a time, I think it’s a bit unbalanced but it’s in my favour so who cares!

She gets the venison steaks properly butchered and then into sealed vacuum packs and the frozen before the journey down from Essex to Cornwall. All I do is fillet a few fish and freeze them. Perfect for me!

Have to say a venison and ale gravy pie is a thing of rare beauty!

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I can remember even 5 or so years ago I could not give away venison steaks or jerky to people. It was considered too “gamey”.

Nowadays ultra lean game animals are somewhat en vogue and I have several people I know that can’t get enough venison, elk, etc. meat.

I think the general shift in public opinion to be more open towards what was once considered exotic meat is a good one. It’s far more healthy to consume than people could ever buy at a grocery store, and in my case it’s extremely cheap. All it costs me is time and a round from a rifle. I bag one deer and have meat for months.

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True story:

I was a bit drunk with a mate that owns a pub on Birmingham and they did a few exotic things like ostrich burgers (very lean and lovely actually).

Anyway this one night after closing, we were starving so he offered to grab some food made from the samples he was given.

Totally up for that. Took us about half an hour to drunkenly figure out why the zebra sausages weren’t striped… lol

As I say, true story!

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