Flavour Packs

I have a question about the flavour packs, Is there anything that is Gluten Free on the Flavour packs. I am very new to the whole Gluten Intolerance.

I’d also like any tips on the right way to use the flavours,

Do people premix, i.e take a pouch of HUEL, and dump all the flavour in to start with then mix up.


Do people put a tea spoon in with thier powder then add water?


Do they mix the flavour with the water, then add the powder?

any tips greatfully recieved.

I use a blender (nutri-bullet - no advert intended, it just suits me!) and add water to the NB cup first, then Huel (usually only 2 scoops, 1 vanilla & 1 UU). I slice a banana into the cup, and if I have them some blueberries. I’ll add the flavour ‘system’ here along with some chia seeds. I then blend it all together for a few minutes (I prefer Huel quite smooth) after which it goes into the shaker from thence into fridge overnight.
Clearing and cleaning up only takes 5 minutes (including the blender blades).
I wash the shaker out very soon after finishing it. I’ll wash it out again later then leave the shaker out to air dry, I find that if leave the cap on the shaker the whole things starts to smell quite badly with an odour reminiscent of rotting food (but this could just be me ;))


Thank you for the message and welcome to the Huel Forum! Let me have a go at answering your queries:

  1. The pouches do not include any ingredients that have gluten in. However, they are produced in a facility that contains gluten, we note this on the packaging. We are in the process of changing this to a gluten free facility so you can be certain they don’t contain any traces gluten.

2/3/4) I believe most will add a teaspoon (or a half) to each meal they make. Adding the flavour to the pouch and self-blending may not evenly distribute the flavour boost. Pre-blended powdered foods are blended in large machines for a much longer period of time to ensure thorough distribution. I have not tried adding the flavour, blending then adding Huel and re-blending. I’ll try this lunchtime!