Flavour Systems

I have just ordered and received a delivery of the additional flavours that “Huel” offer. Unfortunately I had to immediately dispose of them in the bin.

What sort of cretinous fool comes up with the name ‘flavour systems’?! It’s just an added flavour, there’s no system.
Too many products are being ruined these days by effeminate and gimmicky marketing blurb. Sadly much of the food I buy these days gets thrown in the bin instead of polluting my cupboards and mind.

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What were you expecting?

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Just flavours. The word system has absolutely no business being there. Sadly another product ruined.
I’m absolutely raging and seething.

Are there any alternatives out there?

Most supermarkets and/or online shops will carry some sort of flavorings. Feel free to experiment.

By the way, if your issue is with the word “system”, it comes from the Greek word σύστημα, which can be translated as “whole compounded of several parts or members” (http://www.perseus.tufts.edu/hopper/text?doc=Perseus%3Atext%3A1999.04.0057%3Aentry%3Dsu%2Fsthma). Given that the Huel flavor system is composed of the actual flavor, sweetener, emulsifier and carrier, you can call it a system.

Huel have however started to call it “Huel Natural Flavour Boosts”, which might be more to your liking.

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“cretinous fool”
“absolutely raging and seething.”

Most amusingly bizarre topic I’ve seen on this forum :smile:


I assume this is a joke…why did you throw it in the bin? it’s quite clear what you get when you order…

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It’s gone in the bin because of the hideous wording. I had to go out and smoke, which I’ve not done since Princess Diana died.
Luckily someone down the street used Huel so I gave him the pouches I had left over.

Onwards and upwards.

I blame Thatcher for all of this, Di didn’t die when she was in power.

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You’re saying that, somehow, the inclusion of the word “system” means that the sachets of flavouring are somehow ineffective in achieving their promised purpose?

It’s just flavouring, they could call them “magic space grains” for all I care, when I add them to my Huel they make it taste exactly like they promise they will do, as I hope they would, perhaps you’re looking into it a bit deeply?

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Is this topic for real?

Don’t feed the troll … Not even with a nutritionally complete meal replacement system…


Hi there @Trebbin. Sorry that you object to the product title Flavour System. We can’t simply call it ‘flavour’ as this is not correct and we could get into trouble as there are several components of which just one of which is flavour. Others include sweetener and gums and together they are a system. We could, of course, have called it Flavour + Sweetener + Gum + Carrier Stuff, but that sounds a bit rubbish!


Huel magic space grains works for me :grinning: