For those who like me don't eat regularly

I wanted to pass on my experience with Huel to new users so they can get an understanding of the usefulness and nutritional benefits of using Huel.
As a single guy who lives alone with no regular food schedule, I though I would pass on my experience with Huel.
I work a varied shift system and tend to eat only one evening meal each day which consists of convenience food until I am full, (most times feeling bloated).
Therefore it is accurate to say I do not eat a correct diet to maintain my body.
Having used Huel as a lunch time snack at work followed with an evening meal, I find it quite beneficial and it provides me with everything I require to maintain my life style and my body.
I also snack on a Huel bar at work too.
I do not eat breakfast as most days I am up at 4am to start work and do not find the time for eating a breakfast before leaving for work.
I prepare a 100g of Huel to 500ml of water and mix in a various flavour form time to time. I sip or drink my Huel mix over around 1 hour throughout my working day followed by a Huel bar later on before leaving work and having an evening meal that is not so bloating.
This has helped me maintain the energy levels and wellbeing that suits me and my life style.
Quite often I still eat Chinese and Indian takeaways as well as the occasional portion of Fish & Chips.
Without doubt and with all honesty, I can say I feel better for it.
Huel is not just for the fit, gym going people, but also as a food supplement for those of us that don’t eat regularly or have little appetite.
I recommend Huel for anyone who does not eat a regular 3 meal food schedule.