Forks Over Knives

There is a wonderful documentary called Forks Over Knives that proves animal based food is bad and a whole food vegetarian diet is good. As a documentary, it has a very detailed and scientific character while still being accessible to non-nerds. My sister bought a digital copy and shared it with me. She lives and works abroad and had no idea I’m about to start a 100% Huel diet - probably never even heard of Huel either. After I told her of my plans we’re now both excited to change our diets and lifestyles for the better.

I’m going to be on 100% Huel from 1st of march and I’m doing it for at least 8 months, until November. I’m doing it primarily for weight loss but I’ll adjust my calorie intake to stop losing weight once I get to a point where I think any thinner wouldn’t look good. The other benefits I’m expecting to see are better sleep, better skin, and better energy levels throughout the day which translates to a better mood and personal confidence overall.

After watching the documentary I really believe Huel is going to save my life, even though I currently don’t have any medical conditions that I know of. Being on 100% Huel for more than half a year might prove difficult, particularly for someone who never believed in diets before, so I’m here to ask: Have you tried a 100% Huel diet? For how long? What were your reasons? Did it have any surprising effects?

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I’ve had 100% Huel days, but never for an extended time. I think 100% Huel is probably easier now than it was with v1.0. It was sweeter, so it was easier to get tired of the taste of it having it all day. The current version of Huel is significantly milder flavour you’re less likely to get tired of it.

Yes that is great.

Have you seen Cowspiracy? Another good one about why meat eating isn’t so great.

That Sugar Film is good too.

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I’ve tried 100% huel for three days consecutively and found it easy, the only thing that was difficult was adjusting. I found that I was feeling hungry, but then I came to the forum and learnt that splitting my shakes would help this.

Before I was having 3 meals a day of around 500 calories. Now I split that into five shakes and have two snack breaks. This helped me a lot.

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Currently on 100% huel, tastes great, don’t get bored and i only have vanilla, been doing it a good few weeks, only thing i suggest is ease into it to give your gut time to adjust otherwise you may find yourself with some not so nice bowel movements in the firat few days, also i try to make my huel a bit thicker to combat this too, should be like a slightly runnier cake mix i find is the best way to have it.

It does taste a bit more gritty having less water in it but i just blend it more to get rid of clumps, also remember to drink water as you usually would, its easy to not drink water when your on liquid diet.

Huel is fantastic, and sooooo convienient if you have a busy lifestyle and can’t always cook. I am only having 3 shakes a day but i have half a shake every few hours and don’t eat after 7pm so its not on my stomach. My huel intake is about 1350 calories so i’m eating at a big deficit but i don’t really feel too hungry, i also go to the gym and burn around 400 calories at least 3 times a week and even eating at the deficit i don’t get hungry or tired through the workout, i do however have a standard protein shake when i get home from the gym as a recovery drink, only because i don’t want carbs.

Hope it helps :wink:

No, but my newly veganised sister says I have to D:

I’m planning to mix 3 meals a day, but consume them slowly. The first time I tried Huel I had a minor food coma for about 10 minutes but then I was starving after a few hours. I’ve learned to control my hunger now. I drink about enough to fill a glass and then some water, then up to 15 minutes before my next drink. My bottle lasts upwards of an hour.

I drink way more water now. I was always on the verge of dehydration before Huel came along - now I drink like 3 or 4 litres on top of my Huel :open_mouth:

I just watched Cowspiracy and it really changed my perception of food.

Julian has said there’s more water in solid food than we realise, and that’s why we usually have to drink more water than we’re used to when we drink Huel. It takes 660 gallons of water to make enough beef for a single burger. 660 gallons of water that isn’t going to thirsty starving humans? seriously!? When you add the amount of grain used to feed these animals, if humans ate it instead we could end world hunger and global warming overnight!

If you’re not interested in my rants on saving the planet, you can probably stop reading here :grinning:

The most important thing that I take away from watching Forks Over Knives is that eating Huel will save me from cancer and diabetes (my dad died of heart failure due to diabetes and he was too stubborn to change the way he ate) and Cowspiracy teaches me that one person turning vegan WILL actually make a real difference to the world.

Let me share a quote from Cowspiracy. John Jeavons said this: “This is amazing; I didn’t believe it when I first learned it, but 216,000 more people are born to the planet every day… Every day… It’s extraordinary, but what’s really extraordinary is you need, per day, 34,000 new acres of farmable land - it’s not happening.” Luckily he didn’t consider that if the chinese ate as much meat as the americans, we’d probably need to colonise and turn Mars into a big ol’ farm planet pronto!

A vegetarian diet that includes eggs and dairy requires 3 times as much land as a vegan diet. To feed an average US citizen’s high consumption diet of meat, dairy and eggs requires 18 times as much as a vegan.

“You can produce on average 15 times more protein from plant based sources than from meat on any given area of land” - Dr. Richard Oppenlader (environmental researcher)

So by choosing to go vegan myself, if someone else just goes on a “I want to lose weight so I’ll eat less” diet, I’m basically non-existent in the eyes of global unsustainability.

Having said all that I’m not going completely vegan. I’m not gonna miss dairy at all, but I like meat. I’ll probably only eat meat 2 or 3 times a month. Like a normal person 150 years ago.


I felt the same after watching Cowspiracy. It was what finally made me decide to try Huel as I couldn’t face trying to go vegan on my own.

I’ve seen documentaries about animal cruelty in meat production, and although they put me off meat, I always went back. So will see if Cowspiracy has a lasting effect.

I try and watch a sugar/corn/big agriculture documentary every now and then to keep me on the right track!

I still have butter in my morning coffee but am looking for a non-dairy substitute.

Check out this video:

  • To sustain the current global population, we need 1.5 Earths.
  • But if everyone in the world lived like Europeans, we would need 3.4 Earths.
  • If everyone lived like Americans, we would need 5 Earths.
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