Found officials :)

I’m new just looking for some advice :slight_smile:

You’re in the right place. This is officially the best place for advice (and humour).


Neither from you right :stuck_out_tongue:

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It has been known that I have been helpful on threads.

I remember that night in April 1763; it was a dark, blustery night, the rain was lashing down so hard in the torrential downpour that it was hitting any poor soul who ventured out into the cold damp air, right in the face like sharp daggers. You could say it was blowing a Huely.

Indoors, however, things were not much calmer; as on a certain forum, an urgent question had arisen. Can Huel be used instead of Persil washing powder when one has soiled their undergarments having consumed a cocktail of rum, Huel and pineapple and coconut flavour boost.

Helpful Hunzas (as he was known to the majority of forum subscribers), immediately stopped stroking his pussy and leapt to the keyboard.

And the rest is history. But if you check the search button top right, you may find your answer.

In th



Hey there! What advice do you need?


Love Joey :black_heart: I’ve just had my first bag of huel and I’m actually really enjoying it. Got chocolate and vanilla. I’m trying to use it to gain weight or maintain a better weight. So far I think I’m drinking huel but havent managed to eat as much. I’m looking forward to carrying on and seeing where I get to and seeing more of the huel community :ok_hand::slightly_smiling_face:

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That’s great to hear! This article may help you: