Funny Situation with Delivery Driver

My Huel was due to be delivered today between 10:22 and 11:22. I saw him outside the front door, so I opened the door and said good morning to him, but he told me he wasn’t able to give me my Huel yet because it wasn’t quite 10:22, it was only 10:19. I asked him why, and he said he must deliver it in that hour, not before or after. Those are the rules apparently.

We stood there for a couple of minutes of awkward silence, then when the time his 10:22 he passed the box to me and then I signed on his electronic device and off he went.


Lol, thought you were gonna say you popped back indoors & then discovered you’d been carded five minutes later. The poor chap probably would have gotten in trouble if you’d signed for it sooner. I blame the arsehats in charge. They should add a ticky box to the received doc allowing the recipient to say they’re fine with accepting the item outside of the planned interval. I hate arsehats. Come the revolution they will burn, despite pollution & health & safety guidelines.


Should have used the time to sell him on the benefits of Huel :slight_smile:


Rule #1 Don’t be an arsehat.


Fantstic! Love that… haha

Hmm. I’ve ordered 3 boxes now and I thought it odd (in a good way) that the delivery windows had really specific times and the deliveries when I have been in have been right on time, to the exact minute. Never thought to look out the window to see how long they were waiting though, but I probably will next time. :slight_smile:

What is an arsehat? Is it a hat you wear on your arse? If the driver had been wearing one, at least that would have been a topic of conversation to fill 3 minutes.

I did briefly run through my options of what to do, though. I wasn’t sure whether to ask him in, close the door on him, or just stand there. In the end I just stood there because that course of action involved not having to make a decision.


Lol, that sounds like my default course of ‘action’ typically :wink:

Arsehat: I’ve no idea - picked it up off American (I think) kids insulting people on Steam. It has a nice ring to it & I’m sure they will burn well which is a useful attribute for any annoyance that might need incinerating. [googles] Ah, of course: one who’s head is so far up their arse they appear to be wearing it as a hat.