Gained 2-3lb

Strange question … and I ‘think’ I know the answer …

A weigh in this morning all good :+1:
Went to the gym for 90 minutes (mainly heavy weights) sweating a lot.
Got home … had a shower, got dry and jumped on the scales …
I’ve gained 2-3lb in weight !! :scream:


My thoughts …
muscles increased in size, thus heavier ?
Water intake exceeded sweat out ?

Any other suggestions …??

Your weight does fluctuate throughout the day. If I’m reading you correctly, you’re saying that your weight was higher the same day?

Generally, it’s best to weigh yourself at the same time of day and under the same circumstances in order to get the best sense of your weight (and even then, if you weigh every day you’ll see fluctuations that don’t necessarily indicate a trend).

For me, I always take my weight on first waking up, AFTER using the bathroom but before eating or drinking anything or putting on any clothing.

If I weigh myself later in the day, after eating and with more clothing on, I’m obviously “heavier”.


Spot on Liam…,
I do exactly the same re normal weigh ins …
But I thought it would be interesting to see how much I had ‘lost’ at the gym … alas I didn’t !

Maybe I will see the results of my efforts in a week or so ??

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I would say yes, that’s likely. And if you have just started working out, you may see weight gain before weight loss.

I know muscle is denser than fat, and sometimes muscle gain starts before fat loss catches up. So you might see some weight gain for a couple of days before it starts normalizing out. I’m not an expert, but that’s what I’ve been told, so I wouldn’t worry about it unless the upward trend continues for a week or more.

Let’s see the scales tell the truth next week :+1:

Not just started at the gym … been going for a while … approx 2-3 times a week

And it was a ‘I wonder…’ moment that made me weigh myself

It is more likely you will weight more after the gym, because all the liquids and food you had consumed during the day. Unless, you go fasted I would see it hard losing weight during the day.

But again, do not worry about intra-day weight changes, and worry about TRENDS, what happens between weeks.

Keep your goals clear, keep going to the gym and keep drinking the Huel and you will get where you want.

The muscle only pumps with blood already in your body, it doesn’t gain size during a training session.

As you’ve said, it’s quite possible you’ve chugged your way through more water than you realise. I’ll pop to the fountain after every set at my gym as a little reset, all that liquid adds up.

Think you are right …
I consumed 3 x water bottles full ( each is about 750ml ) and although I was sweating … I don’t think I sweat THAT much ??
Equates to just over 2 litres of water which is approx 4.4lb …
That ‘works out’ about right (see the pun there)

Let’s see my usual time weigh ins and see the results …

Yeah, sounds good. Are you hoping to lose weight? Or gain (if you’re doing heavy weights?)?

Lose fat, gain strength and end up with the correct shape … suppose ROUND is still a shape ??

Work mates are all commenting how well I look… so huel must be working well !!

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Awesome, sounds like you’re nailing it :grin:

I guess you’re eating at a deficit? How do you find strength progression?

Quite intrigued. I’d be interested to hear how you find training at a surplus compared to deficit if you carry it up long term. The difference in progression speed is amazing!

Each to their own method I suppose …,
I feel fitter, sleeping better, not snacking and generally feel good

Calorific intake is lower than I need, but on gym days or cycling days I up my intake by 300 calories (one shake) IF I feel I need to.
I have my own routine but sometimes push myself using the pyramid system to almost exhaustion on that muscle group … tho I feel silly struggling with the 5kg weight at the end !

It may not be correct but I feel it works for me !

Similarly with cycling, I have a set route which I add a little bit to if I feel energetic. It’s not fast but an enjoyable riverside towpath ride, even enjoyable in the rain.

A tip for everyone … do something you enjoy (walking, running, cycling, hiking or whatever) and you won’t feel it’s a chore getting exercise :+1:
And occasionally push yourself a little further/harder

Strength progression … I’m not really writing my lift weights but I’m probably lifting more kg’s and doing more reps than I did when I started …
And the reps seem to be easier (some days!)

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Morning all

This mornings usual weigh in. Usual time and circumstances
the result was … I had actually LOST weight !! :+1:

So I will stick with my usual routine and not confuse matters by weighing in at a different times of the day


Weighting at different times, using different scales… those are recipes for trouble my friend.:laughing:

Same scales … just different time of the day !

A big poo can weight 2-3lbs. I know, I’ve checked before and after. Seriously don’t weigh yourself too much it will stress you out x

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