Geri's weight loss journey 😳

Can’t wait to get mine today. Having read people’s comments am looking forward to it. Seems like there are not many ladies on here…


Hope it goes well for you Geri. I just got my first order on Tuesday and tried it out the last few days.


it is a male dominated environment i noticed that too however i to am a lady !!!

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It arrived and my it is yummy. I had a two scoop portion for lunch with some extra mango yoghurt in it. Didn’t have my usual sugary snacks, and had similar amount for dinner mixed in with some bran flakes for more “bite”. Only a few slices of seed ryvita during the day.

Going to bed a bit hungry but feeling full. Interesting.

Thanks for your support.

Who else is using it for weight loss and what have you found/what are your goals?

Still feeling full in the morning but very thirsty.

Must weigh out the bran flakes to work out total calories.

I felt thirsty with it the first couple of days, I think you need to drink more water in addition to what you mix with the Huel. I now drink about a litre of water in addition and that seems to be fine now.

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Having my huel and bran flakes breakfast with two added superfoods. A teaspoon of turmeric and half a teaspoon of cinnamon (true celon cinnamon). Powerful taste but should be very helpful for blood sugar levels. Certainly waking me up!

A month in and I feel better and have joined a gym. Weight stabilised but not lost any. Getting very windy though !

I am confused as to how you haven’t lost any weight. Were you not a big eater in the first place or are you using a lot of huel?

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Hi, I am now. I do mix normal foods as well, I have discovered I stress eat and don’t realise how much I eat, so am now rigorously monitoring. Also back to the gym after a 14 year break…

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