Get Bars in singles from Ocado!

My long (long) voiced annoyance of being forced to spend £80 and get 60 bars simply to ‘try’ the flavours is finally sated, ish.

Because Ocado are selling Huel bars alongside the RTD.

Now I can buy four bars to try the four flavours - for a mere £6.40 (saving myself £73.60)


I thought this was common knowledge. Yes single bars and RTD can be purchased. .

Nothing about Ocado is common knowledge. Ocado is posh. I bet most people don’t know what Ocado is.

I know what is it because I’m Very Online. I know enough to know Ocado is too posh for the likes of me.


I had no idea, stumbled on it by accident earlier - and I often shop with Ocado.

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Actually it must be fairly new, since the bars all have a ‘new’ sticker on the Ocado website.

I saw it on an online marketing feed from Ocado I’m sure a few months back. I thought it was a generic feed. Maybe not if it is a targeted ad. I think the RTD have been there since the Selfridges launch. Ocado have put a picture of the new bars I think because they are a new product because they superceed the previous version.

I’ve never seen the point in ordering single bottles for delivery from an online supermarket. I’d rather buy 2 packs. However I don’t consume many bars apart from when I’m driving to Spain or France so a few bars for the journey will be useful.

I get an Ocado delivery once a year, and get a lovely text advising what colour van is arriving at my house. I pray for anything but the Onion van but it’s always that one. Then I go back to cycling to Aldi for the remainder of the year.


So popular in Norwich that most of them are out of stock

And a randomly slightly different page layout.

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Or not yet in stock…

I shop regularly at Ocado (and Huel) and was not aware of this. Thanks!

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Can someone enlighten this Belgian as to what Ocado is? :slight_smile:

Ocado is an online supermarket.

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I thought as much. But does it have a connotation of luxury or expensiveness around it?

I’m reading a book (a feel good Christmas novel, book 66 of 2019 :heart:) and this store also got mentioned, delivery van included :wink: Funny to see it pop up here as well :slight_smile:

Edit: sorry, that sounds a bit braggy and is not my intention, but I LOVE to read and am always very excited when I’m telling something about books. It’s not my only addiction, but it’s the one of which I am most proud.

I guess. Originally it was just partnered with Waitrose (a more upmarket supermarket - part of the John Lewis company) and soon Marks and Sparks, who sell old women’s knickers and posh food. I believe the Waitrose deal will end later in 2020 when Smarks and Parks get going. They are notoriously tardy.

Morrisons another lower priced supermarket also has ties - as well as flat caps, yorkshire puddings and whippets, and I think Ocado uses (or has done) their huge distribution centres for some of the warehousing.

I hope that answers many of your yet to be asked questions.


I feel I’m fully up to date now. Thanks! 2020 is starting of as a very informative year!


wow you managed to get the full spectrum of retail and UK cultural stereotypes into such a concise description! :slight_smile: I think the flat cap thing has been fully gentrified now though and it does make for a good storage solution for beard pomade on the go.

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Waitrose makes me chuckle sometimes as the location really does make or break it.

People who say “wait-rose” definitely think it’s posh.

Whilst those that call it “way-trose” definitely don’t.

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You can also order single bars or RTD as extras when ordering powder, at least on