#Getfithappy Day 1 - Huel and 7 minute workout diary

So here goes nothing… or maybe everything.

Starting today I will be supplementing some healthy eating and a new diet plan with Huel Shakes and bars, adding 7 minute workout every morning and 7 minute Yoga each evening. There will be some gym days too but as we all know the 9-5 is the bane of scheduled gym over winter.

Who wants to get up at 6.30 and get out the house anyway?

Day 1:
Morning meal: Huel Bar Orange and Cocoa. 1 Berry Shake (3 scoops with 400ml water)

Oh my… this will take some getting used to. First off I’m certainly adding frozen fruit tomorrow. I like a little more bite to my smoothies or shakes and with the berry flavor I can go nuts on fruit. With the Vanilla (New and improved) I think flavor sachets and maybe some banana or non berry fruits might be nice but we shall see. For today I’m left with a drinkable if not incredible shake mix at work and I’m already craving my usual sugar and carb heavy morning.

Especially after the shock to my system of the 7 minute workout app barking orders at me "plank, jump, step, halfway there, that it maggot jump…"

I’ve been eagerly eyeing the recipe section and want to hear your tips for making pancakes or other quick eat breakfast and lunch recipes with huel. Those Brownies on the recipe section look incredible and a definite inclusion for my next free afternoons kitchen session.

What say you?

Hi, have you got a link for the 7 minute work out app?
Flavour-wise, I always add a bit of ginger and cinnamon to my shakes…tastes like Pumpkin Spice and a bit sweeter. A pinch of himalayan pink salt makes it taste like salted caramel. I was planning to put chilli powder and cocoa powder in for lunch today. See how it goes…

Yes it’s called 7m workout. There’s also 7m yoga. Little limited but free :slight_smile:

Thanks! Will have a look.