#getfithappy day 2

So we hit day 2 and with a bit more time on my hands I took a moment to scour the kitchen for extra ingredients.

This morning I tried:
3 scoops vanilla
450ml water
1 squeeze honey
Small handful frozen berries
1 banana flavour sachet

Now this is what I’m talking about… plenty of taste, no aftertaste, less powdery and a better experience. Yesterday’s tentative sips became full on gulps today and as I’m calorie counting I throw some bacon in a piece of bread (must come up with a name for that)

No bar this morning but I’ll keep one in me for this afternoon as I’m off out to my studio🎨

No exercise today but yoga session 1 is tonight.

What are you drinking today?

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Sounds good. I’m gonna give this a blast. :+1: