#Getfithappy day 3 and 4

Well I was away from my machine for a day yesterday so this will have to be a two part special :slight_smile:

Day 3: 7 minutes of yoga and 1 shake
This was a big one for me… first 9 hour work shift plus evening out on the Huel plan. Started the day with berry flavor powder and popped in some frozen strawberries and the strawberry powder flavor sachet… also made up a slab of flapjack with a little vanilla huel mixed in for extra nutrients. Had to put in a little extra butter to offset the powder and it still came out a little crumbly but very edible and better for the body than a mars bar :slight_smile:

The yoga is new to me but helping with a sore shoulder ive been battling on and off… Didn’t feel hungry till after 3 and the day flew by without any midday tiredness that used to come from a greggs breakfast.

Day 4: Vanilla shake with toffee sachet and a squirt of honey… Wow… now that’s flavor. Added toffee flavor sachets to my cart for the next order and im considering buying the granola to make my own bars with… thoughts? recipes?

You should all give toffee honey vanilla a go… though tomorrow im thinking of making a toblerone inspired honey almond chocolate using honey, chocolate sachet and a little almond flavoring… might be a bit much for breakfast but lets do this:)

What are your experiences?


Great stuff Andy! Love the idea of taking just 7 minutes a day to do some yoga, good for you, I could definitely do with a bit of that!

Obviously the goal is to “Get fit and happy”! But do you have any further goals? Nice flavour ideas, I’m not a huge fan of honey in my Huel but love a Toffee Boost. Try mixing Toffee with Banana :ok_hand:

Keep us posted!

ill try that :slight_smile:

The goal is to increase my flexibility, energy levels and general fitness while maintaining calorie intake for a little weight gain. Also i’m starting to play with some recipe ideas for cooking with huel so those should be going up shortly.