Getting out every last drop

When I finish drinking my Huel, I fill up the same bottle with water and drink that to get out every last drop. The water turns Huel colour but tastes mostly of just water. I figure it’ll help me stay hydrated, not waste anything, and make the bottle easier to clean.

I’m curious… Does anyone else do this? Or am I just crazy?


And me too.

Nope, i just wash the bottle when i’m done. I never really was one to lick the bowl.

If I make a really thick shake I will do that, otherwise there is plenty of waste, but in my normal 500ml to 100g ratio I just wash the bottle, there is very little residue.

yeah, I do it too…

I take 2 huel bottles into the office with me (400ml to 100g ratio in the Breville cups), when each one is done, they both get filled (and drank) twice with water…

Makes cleaning easier when I get home, and gets me to drink plenty of water too…

I’m another one who gets any residue out with a swirl of water. It doesn’t taste that great but if I’ve bothered to calculate by daily nutrition I’ll try to stick to it.

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No, I just make up another shake :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yes Yes Yes! I’m a swill out the last dregs type 'o gal :yum:

I even cut open tubes of toothpaste to get the very last remaining remenants from the insides … brought up by war rationed parents…who me?
Can you tell!