Giveaway: Mint Chocolate Flavour System, one pouch

Hello all. I bought two pouches of the mint chocolate flavour boost just before the mint chocolate pre-blend powder was released. I still use one of the pouches, but the other one remains unopened! I’m worried I’ll never open it at this rate, I’ve pretty much stopped using the mint choc flavour boost since I buy mint choc pre-blend.

I would like to give away the unopened pouch, best before end: May 2019.

Does anyone know if the flavour boost pouches (150g) can be sent in the post in an envelope? If not I can hand it over to someone in London. Otherwise I will post it

Edit: most liked comment below wins the prize. That’s how the internet works right?

Edit 2: what was I thinking with the edit above? I will actually give it to whoever is nearby and makes dropping it off as easy as possible thanks all for understanding :yum:


Where in London?

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Yes they can.

Go vegan…eat carnivorous plants.


No one will like anyone’s replies now :joy::face_with_hand_over_mouth:


I live around Clapham and work in the city

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Ok the most original post wins ??

What do you do with your hands when you hear a good comic ?
Clap ‘em

Ok that’s a bit common

Was that right up your junction

I’ll get my coat !!!

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Good guy Ryan.

Anychance for international deliver to the EU?


What do you do when you hear an amazing comic? Shit in your hands and clap 'em. {Allegedly].

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gives like

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Sounds a bit messy and smelly that, never done that, not yet anyway…

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Did I win? :wink:

I can out you in touch with an expert…not that you’d want to touch those hands.

Hi sorry all, I am going to use the excuse that it was a tie for most likes and go with the person who lives closest to me, who I have just made arrangements with via personal message. Hope someone in your neighbourhood has Huel to give away soon!

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It’s bad enough in public toilets when people don’t wash there hands after a piss or shit and walk straight out grabbing the door handle. And you have just washed your hands :confused:

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Many humans are pretty disgusting.