Glastonbury Festival

Any more Huelers going? I’d not even got through the gate on Saturday before I’d spotted a guy wearing a Huel t-shirt, bloke about 6 ft tall with extremely skinny legs and skinny jeans. Got into a white toyota or similar style truck at Red Gate. Probably just done a security briefing

Is that anyone here?

Woulda said hi but I was doing my security briefing.

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Can you smuggle me in amongst your weeks worth of huel?

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Sure, do you have a time machine?


I have a mate going, regular Hueler, but I doubt he was wearing the T-shirt.

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Good point, I use mine for cleaning the bathroom.

Does he have matchstick legs?

Not since he discovered alcohol

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I’ve tried for years to get tickets, and failed. One year we tried 7 devices on different networks and browsers - still nada. Have fun!

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I can’t move for Huel t-shirts around Clapham… Huel marketing department, don’t waste your dollar down here


YES - I will be there! And I’m very excited about it.


I’ve only seen one guy in a Huel t-shirt on my travels, near Putney I think, and I was like woah, another Hueler :astonished: Not seen any locally to me in SE London, but then again, think I only wear mine to the gym sometimes.

Are you working at Glasto? If you happened to take a few gnarly backstage photos of your Huel, or indeed any photos of your Huel with a glastonbury vibe then I know a guy who does the social media content who would love you forever :smirk:

Have a great time regardless.

Charlie please come back I miss you.

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Got a soft spot for Charlie Tim?

We’re desk buds :facepunch: Charlie gives me pep talks.


That’s lovely. The bloke I sit next to calls me a prick most of the time.


Yeah we believe you @Tim_Huel do you pass her love letters under the desk :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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Understandable really… :grinning:


I doubt it @Ian42
This is why he is a “desk-bud” and not a “prick” like @Coup


To be fair I do call the bloke next to me princess, so all is fair in love and office banter.


Hope you’ve found some water for your Huel, unless you’ve got a bum bag full of Huel bars :slight_smile:

Obviously he has sat next to you long enough to get to know you.