Going on summer holiday, with huel?

Two weeks in Cornwall coming up…
Usual overdoing it with pasties, fish and chips, cream teas and ice creams…
Or, stick with current regular huel intake and be sensible.
It would certainly be good for the bank balance.


Mix of both :wink:


Take some bars!


I have! And UU mix. Both being eaten/drank. Difficult, admittedly, amongst the ‘holiday food’ but worthwhile. Cheers!

One of the great things about going to Cornwall is enjoying a proper pasty and an ice cream! However if you find yourself just eating these things because you’re hungry and just need to eat something, a pasty isn’t the best option. I bet you’ll pay £3+ for a decent hot pasty!

Enjoy your holiday and use Huel occasionally I think!

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A holiday is a holiday, forget Huel and enjoy yourself! You’ll be missing out if you pass up the pasties and fish and chips for some powder!! You’re mad!!

Plenty of time for Huel on return…