Hair Loss


Can any one please suggest best products for control my hair loss ?


If you are facing problem with hair loss, I am suggesting to you, please use the Regen Hair Vitalizer to control the hair loss.

Kind of answered your own question there!

Please don’t advertise your products on our forum :blush:!


I used to be bald before using Huel but now I have long blonde hair just like Rapunzel. Amazing :grinning:


Other suggestions from the Huel office include:


  • Superglue
  • Sew a strip of velcro to your head, and then the corresponding velcro to a nice selection of wigs
  • Colour your head in with a biro
  • Save all the hair that falls off, and glue it to a swimming cap, and then wear that all the time



  • Just constantly have freshly cut grass with you. When it falls off, just put more on



I used to be bald before smearing regenherbal’s amygdala over my scalp. I’m
still bald but at least I’m smiling.

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Haha :grin: try smearing some Huel on your scalp

Busy day in the Huel office then Tim :wink:


it scares me that someone would use nails in the first place.


I think a product can not control hair loss, Its make shiny, black hairs.

Control Hir loss by the food supplement just like healthy foods and Rejuvenate Hair Regime.

I just wear a balaclava.

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To control hair you can use Minoxdil durg. It should be taken only taken advice by doctor. Many experts advice on it. It is safe and very effective in hair loss and baldness.

Sorry, I’ve suspended your account. You have the link in your profile to your hair products, hence spam.

However, keeping thread open as the first few comments continue to provide us with some laughs at Huel HQ.


I’m quite impressed they came back and tried to carry the thread on.

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So bold. I actually love their attitude, so much sass.

Why account you suspend? Many experts effectiveness is safe. Hair durg of us some need :scream:


Initially read that as bald.


You are not alone in you problem.

Here some of the best prevention methods of hair loss:

Eat a balanced diet.
Use combs with wider spaces between bristles.
Avoid harsh treatments hair treatments.
Avoiding pulling or twisting hair.
And lastly, if you are a Smoker, STOP SMOKING. Smoking causes baldness also.

I did not come up with these recommendations, these are recommendations from the best hair transplant doctors so if you need some professional tips click site
I am sure that you will succeed.

My advice would be to smoke more heavily, so your bald head is obscured by the fug.


This thread cracked me up