Has anyone else had this problem? Error message

Sorry, there was an unexpected error during purchase: “local variable ‘line_item_title’ referenced before assignment”, please check with store for variant availability or update your shopping cart (link)

This message appeared after I had put my card details in to subscribe to the powders… I’m new to huel and wanted to try it out however, I have tried to purchase products on different devices and the same message appears? Surely I cant be the only one. The powders were chocolate and vanilla.

Any help would be amazing! Thank you!


Give the live chat a go (bottom right of the homepage)

Hey Chloe,

So sorry that you received this error message - it was a new one for us today too!

The good news is that this was picked up quickly by the engineering team and should now be resolved.

Fee free to try placing the order again and of course, if you have any further issues feel free to drop us a message.

Thank you