Has anyone tried a 3l pump flask?

I was thinking it could be easier to make up a whole days mix in one 3l flask topped up with ice, and I found stuff like this on Amazon:

But I’m unsure if the pump would cope with the shake…

Anyone tried this?

Huel can get pretty thick. Maybe if you watered it down a bit?

It’s a shame the one gallon blenders are so expensive.

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They give me the heebie jeebies. I had one of these (admittedly 20 years ago - remember those lovely white plastic ones your parents had with floral decor? Yup. One of those). I used it for about four months every weekend at horse shows etc.
One day it came apart while I was cleaning it and the lid fell apart. the vacuum pump bit was half full of rancid mouldy old tea and various wormy maggoty things!!! HORROR
Maybe they’ve improved the design - you’d hope - but I couldn’t consume anything from one.


Wow - that’s that idea in the bin. Yuk!!

I’ll stick with the nice clean shaker bottles!!!

Thank you