Have to repaint my wall - don't shake hot Huel :)

Haha. I have been on Huel for two weeks now, and loving it. Lost almost 2 KG, which is amazing, and I’m so happy I finally found a way to get rid of some of the weight without changing my lifestyle.

However, the other day, I made myself some Huel with hot water, bananas, and cocoa powder. After blending it for a bit, I closed the lid and then before having it, I shook it, and opened it up. It blew up in my face! Also, sprayed some Huel on the wall behind me in the living room. And since it had dark brown color, and I only noticed it the other day, I now have to repaint my walls - means buying two colors, because it’s a two-colored wall. Ugh, didn’t expect that, haha.

Oh well.


Reminds me of when 'er indoors blended some asparagus soup in my Vitamix…but forgot to put the lid on…she and the kitchen were a lovely shade of green, she looked like the Incredible Hulk…alas it was hot too…she never did it again.