Have you changed the formulation of Toffee Flavouring?

With my last Huel order I purchased some more Toffee Flavouring. However, it doesn’t look, smell or taste like the previous one I bought. It’s not the brown-y/grey my previous one was and has very little aroma or taste. In fact, it looks and tastes very like the strawberry one I received at the same time, but without the strawberry taste.
I suspect it might be the base-mix before the flavour specific flavourings have been added.

We did remove the colours from our flavour due to customer demand.

Could you take a couple of photos and email them to team@huel.com please.

oh, so no more red strawberry flavour?

I’m not 100% sure.

They use natural ingredients, which might be red.

E.g. the new chocolate flavour doesn’t contain colours, but is very chocolate colour in appearance.

This morning I opened a new bag of strawberry and is completely white. What was the red dye?

At the moment I’m quite disliking everyone who just refuses chemicals for the sake of it. Everything is a chemical product, every single thing that we breath, eat, or drink. Colour is part of the experience, and strawberry is red as much as chocolate should be brownish.

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Being a vegan I hear a lot of people complaining about E numbers. Many E numbers are vegan - for example red can be beetroot red (E162) which is, or cochioneal (E120) which isn’t, or carmoisine E122 (which is but has been linked to hyperactivity in children).

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Email sent as requested. :¬)