Hay Fever Symptoms

been using Huel now for Breakfast and Lunch for 2 weeks.
love the stuff, makes me feel full … but
i seem to have hay fever, not stop sneezing and a cough that keeps me awake.
ive never suffered form this in 58 years and it started just after i started huel
could i be allergic to Huel??

Pollen varies year on year. People react differently to different pollens. My sister normally has horrendous hayfever (stay at home worthy) and I’m usually fine, but this year I’m having to consume anti-histamine every morning and she’s out and about symptom-free.

If you’re having hay fever symptoms, chances are it’s hayfever…

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I’m no expert, but I imagine it’s purely a coincedence. I suddenly started getting hay fever when I was 20 and was really surprised, and I’ve had it ever since - that’s not as dramatic as suddenly getting it after 58 years without it, but apparently people can suddenly start suffering from it at any age

thanks for the reply
should have added i already take anti histamines for a different allergy so surprised if its hay fever.
think i’ll stop taking it for a few days and see how it goes

The pollen count in the UK is enormously high at the moment. I’ve spoken with a few people who are suffering at the moment, who’ve never suffered before. And my young son need emergency medical care due to hay-fever a couple of weeks ago.

You are not alone.

I’m fairly sure it’s the grass, trees and plants; not the Huel.

Slight old wives tail but works for me, I only get hay fever when the count is very high, didn’t get it last year.

Source some local honey, and add a teaspoon fool to your Huel, working for me at the moment and worked in the past when I was on huel on a regular basis.