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There are interesting discussions and studies about the importance of healthy fats I’ve read about. Unfortunately it’s in German:

I know it’s a radical change in thinking but Anne Fleck (a very experienced internist) explains it in detail and down to the cell membrane) why it shows that we need a lot more healthy fats and a lot less carbs. I’ll try to find some articles in English but maybe there are others here who know something about those (not-so-)new realizations? What do you think about that topic?

I know of course that Huel already has a good amount of healthy fats and that also the omega-6/omega-3 ratio is perfect. But still. Maybe there could be a third version as a grey powder with less carbs, less protein (as in the black version) but instead more fat. I know I know…. I could also add some oil myself :face_with_raised_eyebrow:. Sorry if that kind of discussion took already place in the past!!

Thanks for sharing Kassandra.

Anne Fleck isn’t alone in this thinking, but it is a relatively niche point of view because almost all the evidence we have suggests eating too much fat can lead to poorer health outcomes. It’s come from the 1970s when the most people thought fat was bad but 50 years later I think it has gone too far the other way now.

Humans can eat a wide range of macronutrient amounts and still be healthy, what’s more important is the quality of the foods containing these macronutrients (whether you’re talking about carbs or fats).

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That’s true for sure (you’re the expert :wink:) but still I’m pretty sure we’re gonna hear more about the value of healthy fats in the future and all the mistakes done with dietary advices. And it also needs a broader discussion about carbs. But because it’s so political and a lot of money involved in the food industry it’s sadly enough going to take a while. In the meanwhile millions of people keep being sick and suffering.

To not being mistaken: I think Huel does a pretty good job also regarding fat. But it’s always room for improvement alongside with research. We will see what future brings.

Here’s the English version of Anne Fleck’s website (not meant as ad):

Thank you, a couple of red flags promoting detoxing and helping with a lot of diseases so I would take what she says with a pinch of salt.

Thanks Dan for your response. I totally see and understand what you mean and how it looks at first sight. She got known on German TV with a group of doctors all specialized in different fields. They all are conventional medical practitioners. Their point of view is that a bad diet causes (or is part of it) a lot of health problems. During a time of several month they try to develop a individual treatment based on an individual diet and so to reduce the amount of pills / insulin / blood pressure medication etc. taken and of course to reduce pain, diarrhea….
They are totally open minded and work on an scientific basis. I guess Anne Fleck behaves a bit too enthusiastically when it goes about healthy fat because she knows there is so much work to do to turn around the public opinion and all the deeply engraved convictions in all of us.
But you’re totally right: history teaches us to stay alert and sceptical.

Yeap I think that’s totally fair and I like the aim of their approach.

Thanks again for sharing!

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