Hello-new to Heul to shift to weight

Hello all,

I’m new to Heul so thought I’d say hello. I’m 6’ 3" 35 and was 18st 6lbs after returning from holiday. My weight tends to bounce between 17st and my current weight I usually slack off the diet and exercise then it goes up at which point I think I need to do something about it and start to watch my diet and up the exercise. I’ve also decided to retire from playing rugby this season, which will leave me finding the need for some more regular exercise.

I technically started a week ago today where I replaced one meal just to let my gut get used to it for the first day then up it to 2, which is what I’ve done ever since and so far have dropped 5lbs most of which I appreciate is water particularly following a holiday.

When it comes to food I’m an all or nothing kind of person, I don’t really have an appetite at breakfast so I’ll have a Heul for lunch, a weighed and logged dinner with MFP for dinner then another Heul later on. The weekend is usually where I slack off but will stick with it as the above or as the pounds hopefully shed give myself one cheat day at the weekend.

It seems like a good approach as I know I’m getting a balanced meal. So far I’ve not had any side effects and usually feel full afterwards, I don’t mind the taste actually I think the vanilla tastes better without coffee in it I’ve found. Yesterday I hit a bit of a wall energy wise but think it more to do with early morning starts for work following a 2 week holiday!

My first goal is to get back down to 17st then set another goal. Aiming for 1800 cals per day average.

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Sounds like you’ve got it all thought out. Good luck!