Help or advice

I suffer with lymphoma (cancer of the blood) so i have to be careful what i eat etc. Since having the cancer i suffer with hunger symptoms.
I.e if i don’t eat regularly i become very moody. So i have to be careful of the triggers.
I keep a small supply of digestives biscuits.
I have bought the sample pack to try.
I am looking to start taking the huel once a day to start.
Can anyone recommend snacks that will help.
I want to use huel to aid weight loss.

It’s important for you to remember that Huel or any meal replacement is simply food – not medicine, and not magic. Just food, as your biscuits are food. It is more convenient because you can know exactly how many calories you are taking at any serving. You can keep some mixed up in the fridge and pour out a 100-calorie snack as needed. That would be better for you than 100 calories of biscuits.

Get an inexpensive electronic kitchen scale. That will make it much easier and more accurate to mix a known amount of calories (as opposed to measuring in scoops). For example you could mix up a jar of 700-calories worth and say, that’s breakfast, plus 4, 75-calorie snack servings, and when the jar is empty, that’s it.

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